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Thread in 'Discussion' started by colour_thief, 20 Aug 2009.

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  2. I'm rolling with laughter, Jago. :|
  3. Yes it sucks that there's no new TGM game, but we are the ones with the least right to complain. Very few people here have played Ti even close to the amount needed to master really, it's us bitching about not having something new when we never really played the one before.

    Also, Arika have pretty much made no money off the western world as a whole due to tetris. Yes, it was never released here, but that's not really the point...

    The real people I feel bad for are the Japanese arcade freaks who played (and supported) the living crap out of all the Tetris games on release and were super excited about this news (and ready to plop down support for arika in the form of quarters at their local arcade). The people that got all they could out of Ti and were aching for more....

    Although, at the end of the day, it's just a game anyway! Let's not feel bad....let's enjoy the ones we have.
  4. [​IMG]

    please contact your local authorities if you have any information on these culprits.
  5. Lawl, I commented in Japanese on the original post and now he has posted a new post that replies to my comment. I am not a pro at Japanese yet so I hope I didn't do any translation errors. xP

    Feels he's just saying "oh you idiots, if you just say that shit, I won't even bother giving you a real answer. T_T..."

    Oh well... That dude will always be a creepy idiot for me.

    Edit: lol, posted a comment that says in Japanese:
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    also ttc is fuck gay
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    Seems there's 2 issues.

    One is TTC saying there's no need for TGM to get outside of japan because of the clones.

    The other issue is he doesn't like his tetris getting cloned, period, and believes (and probably not without some justification) that most people outside of japan will just stick with the clones, and the people in the west who really would pay for it, but can't afford an arcade board are probably a small minority.

    The main problem is that TTC is not letting us handle it the right way (getting an official game made) because it conflicts with the Guideline. So what are we supposed to do?

    ... Why doesn't TTC just extend the Guideline for the TGM series? (Guideline+?) It seems easy to say "All Tetris games have to follow these rules, except for this one series that we also moderate."
  9. other companies will want special treatment too
  10. I think the only companies that would ask for special treatment are the ones that know what they're doing. I don't think TTC really wanted TGM around in the first place.
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    I have friends who just love TGM, but they're not computernerds like me, so emulating and playing on keyboard (they won't be importing sticks from Japan...) is not their thing. But I'm sure atleast 3 of my friends would buy it if it were on Xbox, PSN or Wii though.

    This hardcore fanbase should be an indication of the potential TGM holds, if run properly. It's never been outside Japan damnit! Why not test the world market?

    They think their rules are fine, but I thought they were fine too, before getting hooked to TGM. The learning curve is insanely steep in the TGM series, but a new offical game could be made alot easier/slower. It could be adapted to a newb market.

    I'm pretty sure retards run this show. I see no other explanation.

  12. It's almost sure that a compilation of tgm with some sort of training/learning mode would sell blocks on the xbla.
    I mean, Mihara created the training mode that you find in every single fighting games nowadays (since street fighter IV copied the SFEX2 training mode). Wouldn't be a problem for him to create some awesome beasting training mode for tgm and make tons of money on xbla, psn and wiiware.
  13. I know that me and my friends would all buy TGM if it was available for the major consoles.
  14. are they fucking stupid!? Have they gone mad!!!?? The ONLY reason westerners play Clones is because it is basically ILLEGAL to play the official TGM!!! IT'S NOT FUCKING AVAILABLE, what do they expect us to do?
  15. They expect us to go/move to Japan. :awe:
  16. It feels more and more like the expect piracy/emulation.
  17. The TGM fanbase is one of the few fanbases I know that are actually willing to buy the games if they were in a consumer-priced form.

    Contrast with, say, the Touhou fanbase; the majority will look at you funny if you buy the games instead of just hopping on ButtTorrents or whatever.
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    for clarification though the touhou fans will look at you funny not because you are buying the game instead of downloading it but rather because none of them actually play the games
  19. They expect us to not even bother because we're goddamned gaijin garbage.

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