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    Could be that neither Excite nor Google translate things in the same way for me as for you guys, but I don't see anything like that.

    That said, what I'm reading seems to imply stuff has been pulled from the blog after legal advice, so would make sense if things have been altered over the last few hours
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    That's the splash page. Enter the blog, the content is still there.
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    "TGM4 cannot be released because there is no room to clean the clone in foreign countries (Though it is one of the reasons)."
    That's what I got from I don't think Mihara ever had the intention of releasing the game overseas...
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    blablabla :V
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    Mihara is such an asshole.
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    Thanks for correcting me Edo. I was anticipating some kind of announcement during TGS, but this...
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    Business man makes business decision. Nerds rage around the world.

    Anyone care to properly translate the post?
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    Business decision or not, it's still silly of him not to release because they already spent all the money developing the game. I mean, if he didn't think it was going to make any money, that's one thing, but then I'm fairly sure he wouldn't have started development because nothing has really changed between a year ago and now.

    And plus, we didn't end up putting any of the features of TGM4 that we saw into any clones. I thought that was the criterion for canceling it, not that there exist clones at all...
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    There are additional costs in releasing the game.

    If the proceeds from selling the boards at least covers all costs incurred form this point on, it makes sense to release it anyway.

    If not, the right thing to do is to give up instead of lose even more money.

    My impression is that's exactly what's happening here.
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    Well, that's a bummer.
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    Here's the best I can manage.

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    Why arcade only?
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    Freakin forgot my password. -_________________-

    Tried to include some background info for peeps.

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    I don't understand this crap...Isn't this devastating for Arika? Spending huge amounts of money (for such a small studio) developing something that won't get a release?

    Is this because of Mihara's pride? He refuses to comply to TTC's Tetris guidelines, and rather not release it at all? Why not just do whatever TTC says, name it something other than TGM, and hope for the best? Why just drop it? And why arcade only?
  15. Zaphod77

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    You cannot release an Authentic Tetris game without complying with the Guidelines.

    And again it seems that TTC is making an issue of clones. I suspect it's because if they acknowledge that the clones are driving any demand, it would be admitting failure of the Guideline for single player. Which they are not willing to do.

    As for why arcade only, he only has a license for japanese arcade releases.

    He specificlly mentions OVERSEAS clones, of which i know of two at least.
  16. @Caithness: Retranslated and had it double checked.

    Admittedly, I took a small liberty in interpretation and put what I felt was his meaning. :V
  17. Even for a small studio, I'm fairly sure the amounts of money they spend on developing something like TGM4 wasn't that much, given it's fairly simple stuff and I'd guess they could take a lot of code and graphical stuff from Ti. It wouldn't surprise me if they have to pay more money for the Tetris licence than they do on the game itself, and they won't have to pay for that if they don't release it.
  18. yeah I'm pretty sure even a company the size of arika can afford to lose that amount of money, especially considering it's hardly cheap to release an arcade game.
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    Apparently, He rolled back again and gave a possible release period, but i can't understand exactly what he's talking about.. :V
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