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    I know it's usually useless, but maybe we should write TTC and let em know that we're willing to pay for TGM stateside. I know I'd shell out the premium $60/$35 for a console or handheld version, respectively. Even if it was just a port of TGM1-3, it'd be plenty to keep us happy while we wait for TGM4. You'd think they'd have learned from the popularity of the TGM3 homebrew on the DS a while back.
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    It would take a very large petition to even possibly have ANY effect.

    AS much as I would like to be given the ability to take the red (I) pill in official tetris games their line is the only people outside of japan hardcore enough to play such a mode are already playing the clones, so they have no need to put it in the Guideline.

    TTC has declared Tetris to be a casual game. They want Tetris to be a casual game to increase it's audience. TGM is not a casual game. Therefore,the world does not get TGM. Sucks to be us. :(

    Yes, Mihara is rather pissed about this too. He wants the clones to go away so he can argue that TGM needs to be brought to the rest of the world. As an official licensee, his hands are tied.
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    I'm pretty sure TTC would just give another excuse if the clones didn't exist.
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    Yeah, you would definitely need a huge boost in TGM awareness + some serious web guerilla to make TTC budge.

    I'm all for more TGM love but I don't think we have enough resource yet.
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    We'd need a lot more than the 100-odd users we've got here, that's for sure. :(
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    So we still haven't seen any remote indication that work is continuing on the game?
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    The latest news is Mihara says we should be asking Sega when it's coming out, not Arika. The implication is that it's more or less ready to drop at any moment, as soon as some suits decide the time is right or whatever.

    I wouldn't get too worried. TGM3 took... how long from it's first location test to release? Enough time to change from Naomi to Type X anyhow. :p It hasn't been 10 months yet, give it some time. I don't expect it'll be as long a delay as Ti.
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    I suspect sega just doesn't want to compete with Dekaris yet.
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    Well, as long as I know it's going to come out, that's good. Later would be better...more time to sell things to make enough money to actually get TGM4 at launch!
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    Well, I'm not saying a petition would work (obviously it wouldn't), but sometimes if letters get in the hands of the right developers, it can help motivate them.

    Honestly, if someone could provide me with the right audio assets, I would consider developing a TGM clone of my own. I don't have a ton of free time right now, but I have more than enough programming skill to make a game like that. If there are other people on the forum who know how to code, perhaps we should just make our own version and be done with all this waiting around for nothing.
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    Eh? Have you seen Texmaster or Nulpo? Or are you saying completely audio/visually accurate as well?
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    Yeah, he's going for lawsuit levels of accuracy clearly.
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    TGM is about as niched as Minesweeper.

    To be honest, when I first heard of TGM and how much "time" one had to commit to be any good, I was a bit turned off. I will not say anymore for fear of retaliation.

    In short, it will definitely be a difficult task to make TTC budge on the license.
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    While I understand the sentiment, I'm ultimately inclined to say having a lot of room to improve is a good thing for the overall lifespan of the game. I think the addition of entry level modes like TAP Normal and Ti Easy for newcomers to cut their teeth on stems the "scare off new players" effect to a degree.

    Tell us something we don't know. *sigh* I mean, TTC hardly ever makes meaningful changes or improvements to their cookie cutter games as it is.

    Anyway, I definitely think the "hardcore" and casual crowds can coexist. It isn't that much more work to offer a broader scope in terms of difficulty settings or game modes. Also, plenty of the refinements that the "hardcore" players want to see simply don't affect the gameplay experience of casual players; they don't know how to use them, they aren't accidentally using them in ways that would be detrimental to their play, and they may come to appreciate them in time. We don't all start as experts, after all. The return of Initial Rotate and Initial Hold, as well as the introduction of decent movement speed settings in Tetris Friends shows that TTC/TOA may be starting to recognize that somewhat. They can definitely make it a better game for everyone.
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    I've always said that there's no reason that they can't stick TGM modes in their regular games, just as like "expert" modes or something.
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    You don't think about the problem in the good way.
    TTC doesn't want hardcore tetris for a simple reason.
    You buy TGM2. How long will you play with this only game before getting all the achievements ? 5 years ? 6 Years ? Video game industry isn't anymore about making games that people will play 5 years, it's all about games that people will play 20 hours
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    To be this good takes [​IMG]
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    Re: TGM4 Announced!!

    Even though TGM may take a while to master when it comes done to it, it's still simply Tetris, but much more playable than older versions of Tetris.

    That is why, even though I haven't even manage GM in the original I still have fun playing it. It is truly better than old school Tetris, which I enjoyed.

    And that's why TTC's insistence in keeping it away from me is so frustrating.
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    You may be right. However, I am sure with a little creativity they could come up with a realistic business model to keep the hardcore players giving them money.
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    "pay for das ihs and irs"

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