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  1. Time for another update. A little late because I got it working. [​IMG] But hopefully interesting to some of you.

    Here you can see the machine before I started installing my new toys.

    This is a look inside the opened control panel, which is filthy. When I first got this machine, in addition to hauling back to my house, I had to disassemble it to get it through my front door. By the time I'd reassembled it, I was tired and couldn't be bothered to give it a good cleaning. Time to change that now while I'm full of energy. [​IMG]
    Oh and what's that blue spot on the left?

    It's powdered plastic from a worn Seimitsu LS-32 guide. It starts out with a bulbous "clover" pattern, and as it wears it becomes closer to a (preferable) rounded diamond shape.

    Just a shot clearly showing the worn plastic, for some reason.

    The old control panel has been removed, and the interior is dramatically cleaner.

    The shiny new panel all installed and wired. It actually took me way more time to figure out how to switch the guide to 4-way on the Sanwa sticks than the entire rest of the installation... So simple in the end too. I'll be making some wiki entries about joysticks and 4-way guides and whatnot to prevent you guys from having the same trouble I did.

    A quick test in TAP's service mode confirms all is well. [​IMG]

    A bit more tweaking and now I've got the proper 4 button setup.

    After staring incomprehensibly at Japanese manuals for some time, I arrived at what I hoped was the proper way to hook up the Type X unit and the I/O board. (Also in the background you can see Ti's older brother TAP still inside my cabinet.)

  2. K


    Guahhhh... [​IMG]
  3. Amnesia

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    I hope to see soon some little videos of you on TI.. [​IMG]
  4. jujube

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    ct you should get a picture of that next to your other cabinet, if that's doable. it would be extra impressive [​IMG]
  5. He uses the same cabinet for TAP afaik.
  6. afaik... are furry aardvarks intelligently kept? man internet lingo's changed over the years. i feel old.
  7. As far as I know.

    And it's hardly new on the internet.

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