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Thread in 'Hardware' started by colour_thief, 19 May 2007.

  1. The opportunity presented itself, and I went ahead and splurged on TGM3. [​IMG] I know everyone will ask me, so... I paid 189,000 JYP for the Type-X with TGM3. Though I also got more stuff too. The package arrived today:

    What's inside? 13 Kg of pure awesome.

    As well as a helluva lot of packing peanuts, apparently. This is the first glimpse I got inside... That's a damn thick collection of manuals.

    Apparently sanwa has an elephant for a logo? Weird. Anyhow let's open up this narrow box...

    A replacement control panel! Oh god it's so shiny I can't take my eyes off it. I got this to replace my current 3-button panel, which is fairly scratched (some married guy apparently LOVED playing player 2) and is also starting to rust (sloppy washing? spilt trendy beverages? I can only guess). As a bonus I get to try out sanwa sticks (I currently use seimitsu) so I'll get to try the 2 choice brands of TGM players.

    Another sanwa box? Hmmm....

    It's a VC-J2 unit, which will allow me to split the video signal while I play on the machine so I can finally start capturing my play. [​IMG] I'm still missing something to do the actual capturing though, if you guys have any suggestions. Right now I'm thinking of picking of a DVD+HDD recorder.

    The Type-X with TGM3!! It's much smaller than I was expecting, but this little guy weighs a TON.

    And finally a picture of the manuals and (copied) artwork.

    Not pictured: a Sega Naomi converter thing so I can play the game with a JAMMA setup. It's just a boring black brick thing though.
  2. amazing
  3. STEREO - OF - THE - ART !!

    DIGITAL Unregistered

    Oh my, big and heavy stuff. Hurry and set it up so we can marvel at it in its full glory!
  5. mat


    wouldn't a video card with a relevant hookup be most ideal for recording? at any rate, very very awesome, i am beyond jealous.
  6. I don't know about north american dollars/yen actual currency, but the euro is so high that I'm starting to think SERIOUSLY about doing what you just did [​IMG]
    Where did you buy the setup ?
  7. I think I echo the thoughts of most people here when I say I'm extremely jealous [​IMG]
  8. super happy fun time! we want videos, and no waiting until you don't suck! we want to see you sucking at it in full glory!
  9. I bought it at They randomly had it in stock when I was going to order a VC-J2. They speak English and will ship to Canada and had it in stock (it never lasts long)... That's why I splurged. Who knows when I'd get that kind of chance again? Advice: their English stocklist is not 100% accurate. If you check, their Japanese page, you will find an accurate stock list as well as prices. A relevant example: when I purchased Ti it was removed from the Japanese list, but it still remains on the English one. But they don't have it in stock! They do have TAP at 75,600 JPY though. [​IMG]
  10. Air Gear

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    ROAD TRIP TO TORONTO! Who's driving and who do we have to pick up?!
  11. My god. So new. So perfect.

    This is the first time Ti will be analyzed by non Japanese people. Finally some knowledge of this game and how it works.

    With a good capture card, we can get better quality videos than Airka's official, and no TGM-ACE advertising or mirrored playfield in the way. Seeing how the title screen, demos, hi-score screen looks like. At least that is what I am interested to see myself.
  12. Amnesia

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    my god YOU HAVE TGM3..

    I can't believe it..

    I'm the following buyer!!!

    189000 Yens ==> 1150 euros..

    [​IMG] Hmm..
  13. google: x jpy in usd (or euro)
  14. It's a lot of money whichever currency you use.

    Unless you actually rented out goes on it, but that's illegal, isn't it?
  15. tepples

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    I have no idea how the law works in Canada, but in the United States:
  16. mat


    what about the "not for use outside japan" disclaimer? is that not binding?
  17. I'm pretty sure it is considering Arika only have (had?) the rights to make Tetris games for the Japanese market.
  18. K



  19. They mean by this a commercial use outside of japan (as an arcade game is supposedly created for a commercial use), which is illegal.
  20. K


    No company can sue you with such disclaimer as long as you don't use it as a commercial way.

    and in any case, it's just useless to debate about this disclaimer, who care ? [​IMG]

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