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Thread in 'Competition' started by depther, 3 Nov 2019.

  1. When looking through my files for tgm3, I noticed that there is a folder which stores .dem files, which I am assuming are recordings of past gameplay. I tried running the .dem files with tgm3 and was given an error: "Failed to open demo file for playback". Does anyone know how to access these demo files? It would be nice to access a demo file if you have a good game so that you can share with others without always recording/streaming yourself.
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  2. finally fucking figured out how to do it last night, its a pain in the ass but im kinda surprised it works to begin with

    firstly you cant just drag and drop the .dem file on top of tgm3_launcher.exe, that would actually be somewhat intuitive. what you actually need to do is open cmd and navigate to your tgm3 folder (or just open a cmd window inside the folder whatever works) and run demo_dump.exe. its a command line program so if you just run it from explorer it wont work properly. once youve ran demo_dump, it should list all of your automatically recorded demos sorted by highest to lowest grades. to actually run a demo, you need to open tgm3_launcher.exe followed by the filename of the demo you want to run (without the file extension) and finally the game number within the demo (which is shown next to the demo filename when you run demo_dump)

    so if i wanted to open a demo file named "2019_10_16_18_49_54.dem" and demo_dump tells me its game #00, i'd enter this in cmd:

    tgm3_launcher 2019_10_16_18_49_54 #00
    it's kinda convoluted and the game sometimes just doesnt seem to automatically record things? it didnt save my world s2 master clear + promotional exam (which i have on video anyway.. still) but it saved my world s6 master game so i dunno. i wouldnt really rely on it to record games you care about but if it actually does then rad
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