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    Firstly, I would like to echo what caffeine said in the No rom requests! thread: Do not use this public forum to ask other people to assist you in something illegal. If you wish to use MAME and the cheats within this thread, the moral and legal responsibility is entirely your own.

    The cheat.dat and how to enable it:

    I'm going to assume that users of OS X and Linux are savvy enough to do this entirely for themselves, or at least adapt these instructions, so this is targetted at Windows users.

    Although it is possible to download pre-made cheat.dat files (from here for example), they usually contain lots of cheats for games you'll never play, so I would recommend creating your own file. The cheat.dat is just a plain text file, so you can create it with notepad or your favourite text editor; simply copy and paste new cheats in, and then save the file. The cheats can be pasted in anywhere within the file, although it makes sense to group cheats for the same game together. Also, make sure to keep the cheats to a one per line format. If you want to add comments to your cheat.dat, or comment out cheats, simply put a semi-colon (;) at the start of the line. When saving, make sure whatever text editor you used does not append a ".txt" to the filename, if it does, you will need to rename it.

    The cheat.dat should be placed in the same directory as your MAME executable. (Note for MAME OS X users: I've been reliably informed by Rosti that the cheat.dat should be placed in ~/Library/Application Support/MAME OS X/ )

    To enable cheats, find the file MAME.ini (which should also be in the same directory as your MAME executable), and open it up in your favourite text editor. Under "CORE MISC OPTIONS" change "cheat" from 0 to 1 (or off to on), and save the file. Note that most MAME front-ends or builds with a built-in GUI create MAME.ini automatically; if you're using a command line, and can't find the file, you may have to create it by running "mame -createconfig".

    Using Cheats:

    When you press the "Tab" key during play, a menu should pop up. If cheating has been properly enabled, you should see a "Cheat" submenu, and within that, an "Enable/Disable a Cheat" submenu. Most cheats will be switched on and off by using "left" and "right" keys; there might be a few cheats that say "Set", to enable these, highlight them and press "Enter". You can now return to the main menu and resume playing. (If you get RAM errors, for example when resetting, "F6" can be used to temporarily turn off all cheating, press it again to re-enable cheats.)

    Using Watchpoints:

    In the "Cheat" submenu, there is an option to "Configure Watchpoints". Select this and press "Enter", and you should see 20 lines of zeroes (you can configure a maximum of 20 watchpoints). Select one and hit "Enter". Select "Address" and hit "Enter", now type in the RAM address you want to monitor, and hit "Enter" again. Navigate down to "Length" and hit "right" to increase this to 1. If necessary, change the "Element Size" to 16 bit or higher (you may need to adjust the "Address" accordingly), and if you wish, change "Display Type" to Decimal. You can now return to the main menu and resume playing, although now you should see a little number in the top left. If you want to move the number to a different area of the screen, you can reconfigure the watchpoint and change the X and Y offset. To disable a watchpoint, set its "Length" to 0.

    Unfortunately, watchpoints cannot be saved; however it is possible to save a cheat of type "watchpoint".

    Extra Stuff:

    Hopefully, I've provided enough to help complete new-comers get started. If you want to have a go at finding and editing your own cheats, there is a pretty good guide here.

    One very useful feature that might be worth mentioning is how to bind a cheat to a key: select "Add/Edit a Cheat" from the "Cheat" submenu, and select the cheat. Navigate to "Activation Key" and hit "Enter". Now press the key you want to bind the cheat to, and return to the game.

    A final note: some of these cheats are of type "write if match", which was only introduced in MAME 0.111u1, and will not work in earlier versions of MAME.

    If anyone wants to ask questions or request cheats (please take note of the disclaimer at the top), or indeed contribute their own cheats to this thread, please feel free to do so.
  2. Edo

    Edo a.k.a. FSY


    Player 1 and Player 2 Next and Current Tetromino Cheats

    :tgm2p:62000000:00000000:00000000:00000000:P1 Next Tetromino
    :tgm2p:62000000:00000000:00000000:00000000:P1 Current Tetromino
    :tgm2p:62000000:00000000:00000000:00000000:P2 Next Tetromino
    :tgm2p:62000000:00000000:00000000:00000000:P2 Current Tetromino
    Player 1 Level and Section Lock Cheats, use both together for best results
    :tgm2p:62000000:00000000:00000000:00000000:P1 Level
    :tgm2p:62000000:00000000:00000000:00000000:P1 Section
    :tgm2p:62000000:00000000:00000000:00000000:P2 Level
    :tgm2p:62000000:00000000:00000000:00000000:P2 Section
    Player 1 and Player 2 Invisibility Cheats. I believe this cheat was originally by cgwg; it's quite clever, the first part basically tricks the game into thinking that it's currently the Master mode staff roll, and the second part sets all the instant invisible m-roll flags. To avoid odd behaviour, activate the cheat after selecting the game mode.
    :tgm2p:00800000:06064BA5:00000010:00000010:P1 Invisibility
    :tgm2p:00800000:06064F59:00000010:00000010:P2 Invisibility
    Death Level 500 Cheat (both P1 and P2 sides). This is a cheat that sh8 was working on; it's supposed to set the speed and timing of Death mode, so you can play through from beginning to end at level 500 speed and see how many levels you can survive. It took me a while with the MAME debugger to realise how truly neat this cheat is: iirc, the cheat basically skips out a conditional branch that checks if the level is below 500 when setting the timings, so the game is tricked into thinking the player is beyond level 500 despite the fact he may be at level 12 or whatever. Unfortunately, I guess sh8 couldn't find the section of code that set the DAS, so I had to finish the cheat off rather inelegantly with a "write if match" cheat, so, this cheat will only work in MAME 0.111u1 or later.
    :tgm2p:00800000:060028BA:00000000:000000FF:Death 500
    :tgm2p:00810000:060029B4:00000000:000000FF:Death 500
    :tgm2p:00810000:06002A98:00000000:000000FF:Death 500
    :tgm2p:00810000:06002AF4:00000000:000000FF:Death 500
    :tgm2p:00190000:06064BE0:00000F14:00000F06:Death 500
    :tgm2p:00190000:06064F94:00000F14:00000F06:Death 500
    New! Jan 2nd Player 1 15 Minute Cheat. This cheat sets the timer to 15 minutes so you can play at the forced 20G (with LOCK 17, ARE 8, LINE 6, DAS unchanged) designed to stop slow people hogging the machine for hours.
    :tgm2p:00100000:06064BEA:0000D2F0:FFFFFFFF:P1 15 min
    Player 1 Lock Delay Cheat. Unfortunately this will only work in MAME 0.111u1 or later. If you want to be able to set less than 10 frames of lock delay, let me know.
    :tgm2p:00180000:06064BDF:00007878:00001E1E:P1 Lock Delay (enabler)
    :tgm2p:00190000:06064BDF:00007878:00001A1A:P1 Lock Delay (enabler)
    :tgm2p:00190000:06064BDF:00007878:00001616:P1 Lock Delay (enabler)
    :tgm2p:00190000:06064BDF:00007878:00001212:P1 Lock Delay (enabler)
    :tgm2p:00190000:06064BDF:00007878:00001111:P1 Lock Delay (enabler)
    :tgm2p:00190000:06064BDF:00007878:00000F0F:P1 Lock Delay (enabler)
    :tgm2p:62000000:00000000:00000000:00000000:P1 Lock Delay
    :tgm2p:00190000:06064BDF:00000A0A:00007878:10 frames
    :tgm2p:00190000:06064BDF:00000B0B:00007878:11 frames
    :tgm2p:00190000:06064BDF:00000C0C:00007878:12 frames
    :tgm2p:00190000:06064BDF:00000D0D:00007878:13 frames
    :tgm2p:00190000:06064BDF:00000E0E:00007878:14 frames
    :tgm2p:00190000:06064BDF:00000F0F:00007878:15 frames
    :tgm2p:00190000:06064BDF:00001010:00007878:16 frames
    :tgm2p:00190000:06064BDF:00001111:00007878:17 frames
    :tgm2p:00190000:06064BDF:00001212:00007878:18 frames
    :tgm2p:00190000:06064BDF:00001313:00007878:19 frames
    :tgm2p:00190000:06064BDF:00001414:00007878:20 frames
    :tgm2p:00190000:06064BDF:00001616:00007878:22 frames
    :tgm2p:00190000:06064BDF:00001818:00007878:24 frames
    :tgm2p:00190000:06064BDF:00001A1A:00007878:26 frames
    :tgm2p:00190000:06064BDF:00001C1C:00007878:28 frames
    :tgm2p:00190000:06064BDF:00001E1E:00007878:30 frames
    :tgm2p:00190000:06064BDF:00002828:00007878:40 frames
    :tgm2p:00190000:06064BDF:00003232:00007878:50 frames
    :tgm2p:00190000:06064BDF:00003C3C:00007878:60 frames
    :tgm2p:00190000:06064BDF:00004646:00007878:70 frames
    :tgm2p:00190000:06064BDF:00005050:00007878:80 frames
    :tgm2p:00190000:06064BDF:00005A5A:00007878:90 frames
    New! Jan 2nd Player 1 and Player 2 Big Cheats (contributed by jujube). The "Big Block Mode" cheats will force Big Block Mode, even on game modes that don't normally allow it, such as Death; unfortunately, for these modes, the first Next piece will be of standard size, so you must also use the "Big Next" cheats to get around this. Forcing Big Block Mode will mean that the blocks will shift 2 cells and spawn in the expected locations; if "Big Next" and/or "Big Current" are used alone, shift and spawn will be similar to the original TGM Big Mode. This even makes big/little Doubles possible, as shown by jujube.
    :tgm2p:00000000:06064BA5:00000040:00000040:P1 Big Block Mode
    :tgm2p:00000000:06064BF6:00000002:FFFFFFFF:P1 Big Current
    :tgm2p:00000000:06064BF8:00000002:FFFFFFFF:P1 Big Next
    :tgm2p:00000000:06064F59:00000040:00000040:P2 Big Block Mode
    :tgm2p:00000000:06064FAA:00000002:FFFFFFFF:P2 Big Current
    :tgm2p:00000000:06064FAC:00000002:FFFFFFFF:P2 Big Next
    New! May 11th Disable Background Graphics and Music. These cheats were discovered by LOst.
    :tgm2p:00300000:6016CC6:000B0009:FFFFFFFF:Disable BG
    :tgm2p:00300000:602DAD4:000B0009:FFFFFFFF:Disable Music
    Player 1 Garbage Cheats. For purposes of example, I'll only inlude the cheats for the first 4 rows for now. If you would like these cheats in a different format, let me know.
    :tgm2p:00800000:06078657:00000009:FFFFFFFF:P1 Garbage in 1 1
    :tgm2p:00800000:0607865D:00000009:FFFFFFFF:P1 Garbage in 1 2
    :tgm2p:00800000:06078663:00000009:FFFFFFFF:P1 Garbage in 1 3
    :tgm2p:00800000:06078669:00000009:FFFFFFFF:P1 Garbage in 1 4
    :tgm2p:00800000:0607866F:00000009:FFFFFFFF:P1 Garbage in 1 5
    :tgm2p:00800000:06078675:00000009:FFFFFFFF:P1 Garbage in 1 6
    :tgm2p:00800000:0607867B:00000009:FFFFFFFF:P1 Garbage in 1 7
    :tgm2p:00800000:06078681:00000009:FFFFFFFF:P1 Garbage in 1 8
    :tgm2p:00800000:06078687:00000009:FFFFFFFF:P1 Garbage in 1 9
    :tgm2p:00800000:0607868D:00000009:FFFFFFFF:P1 Garbage in 1 d10
    :tgm2p:00800000:0607869F:00000009:FFFFFFFF:P1 Garbage in 2 1
    :tgm2p:00800000:060786A5:00000009:FFFFFFFF:P1 Garbage in 2 2
    :tgm2p:00800000:060786AB:00000009:FFFFFFFF:P1 Garbage in 2 3
    :tgm2p:00800000:060786B1:00000009:FFFFFFFF:P1 Garbage in 2 4
    :tgm2p:00800000:060786B7:00000009:FFFFFFFF:P1 Garbage in 2 5
    :tgm2p:00800000:060786BD:00000009:FFFFFFFF:P1 Garbage in 2 6
    :tgm2p:00800000:060786C3:00000009:FFFFFFFF:P1 Garbage in 2 7
    :tgm2p:00800000:060786C9:00000009:FFFFFFFF:P1 Garbage in 2 8
    :tgm2p:00800000:060786CF:00000009:FFFFFFFF:P1 Garbage in 2 9
    :tgm2p:00800000:060786D5:00000009:FFFFFFFF:P1 Garbage in 2 10
    :tgm2p:00800000:060786E7:00000009:FFFFFFFF:P1 Garbage in 3 1
    :tgm2p:00800000:060786ED:00000009:FFFFFFFF:P1 Garbage in 3 2
    :tgm2p:00800000:060786F3:00000009:FFFFFFFF:P1 Garbage in 3 3
    :tgm2p:00800000:060786F9:00000009:FFFFFFFF:P1 Garbage in 3 4
    :tgm2p:00800000:060786FF:00000009:FFFFFFFF:P1 Garbage in 3 5
    :tgm2p:00800000:06078705:00000009:FFFFFFFF:P1 Garbage in 3 6
    :tgm2p:00800000:0607870B:00000009:FFFFFFFF:P1 Garbage in 3 7
    :tgm2p:00800000:06078711:00000009:FFFFFFFF:P1 Garbage in 3 8
    :tgm2p:00800000:06078717:00000009:FFFFFFFF:P1 Garbage in 3 9
    :tgm2p:00800000:0607871D:00000009:FFFFFFFF:P1 Garbage in 3 10
    :tgm2p:00800000:0607872F:00000009:FFFFFFFF:P1 Garbage in 4 1
    :tgm2p:00800000:06078735:00000009:FFFFFFFF:P1 Garbage in 4 2
    :tgm2p:00800000:0607873B:00000009:FFFFFFFF:P1 Garbage in 4 3
    :tgm2p:00800000:06078741:00000009:FFFFFFFF:P1 Garbage in 4 4
    :tgm2p:00800000:06078747:00000009:FFFFFFFF:P1 Garbage in 4 5
    :tgm2p:00800000:0607874D:00000009:FFFFFFFF:P1 Garbage in 4 6
    :tgm2p:00800000:06078753:00000009:FFFFFFFF:P1 Garbage in 4 7
    :tgm2p:00800000:06078759:00000009:FFFFFFFF:P1 Garbage in 4 8
    :tgm2p:00800000:0607875F:00000009:FFFFFFFF:P1 Garbage in 4 9
    :tgm2p:00800000:06078765:00000009:FFFFFFFF:P1 Garbage in 4 10
  3. Edo

    Edo a.k.a. FSY

    reserved for TGM2:TA

    please forgive me if I take absolutely ages to add new cheats
  4. Edo

    Edo a.k.a. FSY

    Player 1 and Player 2 No Siren Cheats. If you've tried to play TGM in MAME, then I'm sure that you're aware of the problem with the siren never cutting out. These cheats should disable the siren completely.

    :tgmj:00300000:185AA8:00000000:FFFFFFFF:No Siren P1
    :tgmj:00300000:185AB8:00000000:FFFFFFFF:No Siren P2
    Player 1 Next and Current Tetromino Cheats.
    :tgmj:62000000:000000:00000000:00000000:P1 Next Tetromino
    :tgmj:62000000:000000:00000000:00000000:P1 Current Tetromino
    Player 1 Level and Section Lock Cheats, use both together for best results. If people would like to be able to select levels other than the ones shown (for example, every level at which the speed changes), let me know.
    :tgmj:62000000:000000:00000000:00000000:P1 Level
    :tgmj:62000000:000000:00000000:00000000:P1 Section
  5. Edo

    Edo a.k.a. FSY

    reserved for various RAM addresses for use with watchpoints
  6. Maybe add that for anyone using Mame OS X, the cheat.dat file goes in

    I had this problem trying to help someone using Mame OS X to turn off the TGM1 siren yesterday.
  7. jujube

    jujube Unregistered


    Player 1 Big Mode Cheat

    :tgm2p:00000000:06064BA5:00000042:FFFFFFFF:P1 Big Mode
    :tgm2p:00010000:06064BF8:00000002:FFFFFFFF:P1 Big Mode
    Player 2 Big Mode Cheat
    :tgm2p:00000000:06064F59:00000042:FFFFFFFF:P2 Big Mode
    :tgm2p:00010000:06064FAC:00000002:FFFFFFFF:P2 Big Mode
  8. Interesting. I've never thought of using a cheat for big mode.

    I'm thinking that would allow you to play Big Mode in Death, which the game doesn't let you do with the code.
  9. jujube

    jujube Unregistered


    Wide Mode

    :tgm2p:00000000:06064BA4:00000010:FFFFFFFF:Wide Mode
    :tgm2p:00010000:06064F57:00000024:FFFFFFFF:Wide Mode
    :tgm2p:00010000:06064FAD:00000000:FFFFFFFF:Wide Mode
    1st code - death mode speed curve

    2nd code - player 2 has cleared doubles mode

    3rd code - player 2 is disabled

    *using the 20G code with these codes makes doubles mode endless*

    please help

    - make the piece spawn in the center of the well

    - force faster speed or make the mode longer than 300 levels

    enable the codes then play doubles mode. when player 1 reaches 300 the timer stops and the credits roll just like in regular doubles mode.
  10. DeHackEd

    DeHackEd green Gm

    :tgm2p:00800000:0606fba4:00000002:00000002:P1 Items
    :tgm2p:00800000:06064f58:00000002:00000002:P2 Items
    Play with items in any mode. This code DOES work in Doubles, but you only have a few frames to place a piece before the item malfunctions and turns into a useless piece. If you can set yourself up to clear a line with a sonic drop+lock VERY quickly when the piece spawns, you can use items with strange effects.
  11. SYN7HOR

    SYN7HOR Drama Queen

    Any way of implementing these cheats so that they work in the new MAMETGM? From what I understand, MAME uses a new system for cheats? I've downloaded the 0.137 file from, but unfortunately there's no support for tgm2p.

    I'm desperately trying to turn off music, while maintaining soundfx. As of now, having to listen to the TAP music is the only downside to MAMETGM.
  12. Ai


    Edo created a TAP cheat file for the newer MAME versions last year. It has a nice collection of cheats, but it doesn't include an option to disable the BGM as far as I know. I don't know whether the cheat file I'm using is the most recent one so you better wait for a reply by Edo. Your request can probably be incorporated in the cheat file.
  13. If you go into MAME's slider controls, there are L and R channel controls for both sound chips. If you turn down chip 1 L and R to zero, only the sound effects will play.
  14. SYN7HOR

    SYN7HOR Drama Queen

    OMG that works! Thank you!
  15. Ai


    Useful and easy. Thanks. ^^
  16. This is extremely helpful to me!

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