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Thread in 'Competition' started by Amnesia, 22 May 2007.

  1. Excellent! thanks for the insite to what they were talking about :) I really wish I could understand the whole video, it seems really interesting. It's nice to see that the owner or Pier21 shows so much interest in the TGM series and logs all the Gm times of the players that play there, and of course the excellent 'The Masters' series. Most arcade owners in my local arcades didn't care about the the games at all, but all about the money :/
  2. First post on leader board , but will improve soon

    S3 6:37:46
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  3. ...I knew I'd be back

    S4 6:56:93 548/600
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  4. Nice progress! 618 is a pretty decent level of 20G competency.
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  5. I'm going to switch to 20G training for a couple weeks or so, I basically stopped manual locking just to pump out a few more grades. which is basically unacceptable.
  6. [​IMG]
    Just got this one !
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  7. I just noticed I haven't posted here. O_O


    I notice a great improvement in my 20G stacking since the last time I played tgm1. I did a few triple rotations to climb over a hole in the stack. Not using IRS for I but instead laying it flat,shift it a bit to the right and then rotate it down a hole in the 8th column. Yeah, stuff like that, that I wouldn't ever think of doing 6 months ago.
    Hopefully not long until GM on pcb.
  8. Nice work, getting close :)

    * Someone needs to take over the TGM scoreboard, it hasn't been updated in ages..
  9. Someone needs to take over the whole board, a lot of the threads are horribly outdated, or at least were until I bitched about it in IRC recently :p
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  11. Darn, I was happy to beat you with my 9:47:18 from monday evening :p
  12. Not a record but I'll still post this:


    That fatal mistake.. Couldn't recover from it. It ended at 680 with a time of 08:37:80 (mastering time 07:31:65)

    Easily my fastest game to date. But damn that ending sure sucked and still hurts.
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  13. [​IMG]

    This game breaks my heart sometimes. :(
    But, new PB on pcb. Skipped the S8 and went from S7 to S9. But oh, so close to GM.
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  14. I thought I'd get involved after finally breaking my S4 rut, I'd somehow managed to get S4 in 6:05 and hadn't managed to beat it, until just now when I finally hit S5 for the first time :D Nearly broke 300 in TAP death as well, good day!


    Lasted until 633 lines about a minute later.
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  15. Not much better than my last one... It's weird, I get a good first 500 levels then nerves kick in and I slow down to avoid mistakes :/ Need to try harder for that sub-11min

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  16. [​IMG]
    10:20:28 on PCB. I know I can cut a lot more time off but this'll do for now.
  17. That's been my attitude to TGM1 for like the last 4 years :p
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  18. My new best


    Get reckt Jago :p
  19. slowly moving forward: S4/8:56:78

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