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Thread in 'Competition' started by Amnesia, 22 May 2007.

  1. S2 - Level 399 - 7:02:05
  2. BTW:

    KO0 ‏@koo6 3.31, new PB @ 8:53:34
  3. Nice! We were just talking about the Japanese scene X)
  4. darn impressive :)
  5. Hi guys, new PB, increased by few seconds
    I've lost lot of time doing tap-taping during the game and I almost died after 950 x)


    I'm too much lazy, so, if anyone want to watch the replay, ask me :)
  6. Of course I want to watch the replay! Do you want commentary of it?
  7. Of course I want commentary :p

    So, I'll upload it in 2 or 3 days, I can't before, sorry :(

    Thank you for asking the replay, by the way :)
  8. And here is the video!!

    there are Hatsune Miku songs because I was listening to her while playing x)
  9. Remember this post a couple of years ago?

    After that and that Ai beat me to the GM (I competed with him and wanted to be first), I kind of lost the will to fight. Then I moved to Japan and I found lots of other fun stuff to do with my spare time.

    Well, now I've decided practice some more to get that GM. Maybe I have grown up since 2009 and can control my feelings better when playing (it's my biggest weakness, I get very frustrated and angry when I can't play good).

    I just moved to Tokyo from Osaka and now I live 15 minutes away from Pier21, so I'll probably play on some nice PCB's there, and hopefully qualify for The Masters tournament in the near future. It's also partly because of this I want to start playing TGM again. Maybe I can get to know the Japanese players. It's kind of a dream come true... :D

    Let's hope I'll have enough time for TGM now when I've started working...

    Maybe someone finds this post weird. But it's a way for me to motivate myself, to make it official. Especially after what happened in 2009.

    Since I haven't been looking at this forum for a long while, I didn't know nicofromtokyo and Qlex was attending The Masters, so when I met them yesterday when I went to watch, I was pretty surprised. But it was also awesome to see Qlex and his t-shirt with "tetrisconcept" and "Eindhoven" and stuff written on the back. In a Japanese game center environment like that. Cool. First time IRL encounter with TC people I think! I hope to meet more TC people in the future! :)
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  10. Welcome to the hentai sphere :)
  11. Yeah, it's a small world :)

  12. I got to 500 at 5:16, but decided to push hard just to see what would happen.

    The result was this:

    Gm, 999 @ 10:01:85

    Yep, I have sub-ten in me!
  13. DeHackEd

    DeHackEd green Gm



    About fscking time.
  14. Muf


    dat sub-10
  15. Congrats DHE! :D
  16. Congratulations man, that was about time indeed :)
  17. @DHE: No video?
  18. DeHackEd

    DeHackEd green Gm

    You can't expect me to record EVERYTHING, can you?


    Shut up!
  19. DeHackEd

    DeHackEd green Gm

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