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Thread in 'Competition' started by Amnesia, 22 May 2007.


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    You don't have enough points Amnesia. GM is 126,000. [​IMG]
  2. Amnesia

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    whoah !! [​IMG]
    how do you know that ??

    I though there was no minimal number of point needed for the Gm rank..

    ok I have updated like that, I trust you :

    TGM rules : 
    1 : Reach lv. 300 with the 1 rank 
    2 : Reach lv. 500 with the S4 rank 
    3 : Reach lv. 999 with the S9 rank 
    4 : Finish the game at lv. 999 with 126000 pts 
    5 : Reach lv. 999 under 13:30:00 

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  4. tepples

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    Doesn't 4 imply 3, given the rules for getting S9?

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    S9 = 120,000 points.
  6. Yeah, really getting S9 isn't a rule. S9 is just the grade that will be displayed. It's the 126,000 point margin that counts.
  7. I played my first 10 games. Somehow i die because i the I blocks fall flat and won't rotate anymore everytime ...

    My best so far:

  8. Apparently, the trick is to hold down a rotate button before the I spawns, and then it won't appear flat. This works with other pieces as well, except O, of course.
  9. Ah, the I rotations.

    The first set of rotation I learned by heart. Well, ok, that's only two states ^^. Anyway, observe this:


    Unlike SRS or TGM3, you can't make an I stand up. So this move won't work:


    But if you leave enough space in the third column, then it's ok.


    Or you can use IRS. But that's not always an option.
  10. I tried the holding the button initially with no luck so far. I need to improve my reaction i guess. And the stacking on the right side, but hey, you have to start somewhere. After another 5 games i finally got an S grade [​IMG]

  11. The Initial Rotation System can take a while to get used to. At first I had difficulty with it as well, but after a while you pick up the timing for it and it becomes natural.

    If you use IRS successfully, you'll hear a "schwing" sound as the piece enters the field, as well as the usual entry sound.
  12. Congratulations to your first S grade [​IMG]
    I remember when I got my first S grade. I also had problems with IRS and level 300+ then.

    I am going to help you a little. First download and watch this movie:

    You won't be able to play this fast, but you can become a Gm player eventually! It is possible.

    Now look how this guy plays during the first sections (a section is 0-100 levels.... One new background). He builds up the stack high, and leaves the hole to the right hand side of the field. This is what you should do, but slower. If you build the hole to the left hand side, you are doomed when the red I piece arrives at higher speeds.

    After enough training you should be able to hit the S3 grade around level 300-400 and by that entering the top hi-score [​IMG]

    To worry about later: Watch the guy entering level 500, all the fonts such as the time and score turns gold. This is 20g mode. In 20g mode you build your stack like a pyramid, and by that, the initial move can be rotated into position in the best direction that can be found. Check some of the neet blue piece (J) wall kicks, and also the crazy orange piece (L) DAS moves.

    It is easy to blame the keyboard for mistakes, but eventually you must be able to fix those mistakes no matter if they were keyboard errors or your own errors. (yet again if you are familiar to Tetris already, you can probably recover your stack)

    Hopefully this helps. One you have gotten S3 (weeks to months of training for me, but you are probably familiar to Tetris which I wasn't), you can ask how to train 20g mode. Good luck!
  13. Thanks L0st ... That video was nice to see. I also checked the how to play video in tgm that shows s3.

    PP: If i am correct this is the minimum requirement then:


  14. Yep thet is the minimul requirement to rotate the red I piece. Usually you have already rotated the piece during I.R.S.

    The how to play demonstration in TGM shows both a S3 class player, and then a GM class player.

    Differences in TGM1 demonstrations.

    Class S3:

    1. Rotates using one button at times (this is mainly to show that rotation skills is needed to play 20G mode).

    2. No manual locking. Waits for pieces to lock automatically.

    Class GM:

    1. Makes a BRAVO which is almost impossible (showing off some fireworks is always nice)

    2. Manual locks pieces to save time (which is the key to reach 999 in time for GM).
  15. Webby, to help you to reach S3, I have uploaded a video at youtube that will slowly get S3. Slow videos are easier to follow and to learn from. You don't need to be super fast to get S3. But you need some basic TGM skills, like how to rotate a piece to fit into the current state of the stack.

    Oh and this is not a show off. I am not good, just doing the job:
  16. And a combo is done by clearing lines and again with the next block, etc.?
  17. Yea, but must start a combo with a tetris (4 rows). That's why building the hole a little bigger than 1 column at the top, so that you can use megenta, cyan and orange pieces to continue the combo. But you also need to know when to stop, and start rebuilding again. Because if you clear too much of the stack, it may take additional time to rebuild before the next possible combo appears.

    It is not complicated. It is random! one time it works, another time it fails. But overall, it should work to wait the same amount of intervals.

    In that video I got one combo.The rest was more or less tetrises. That's the main goal. Don't wait for combos. Go for tetrises and a high stack. Combos will appear sooner than later by doing that.
  18. gila

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    so combos can be started only with tetris?
  19. No, but they're less efficient in terms of points per time than normal playing is unless you start with a tetris.

  20. Lost is completely wrong about that. I swear I've corrected him in the past, but I guess old habits die hard. Line clears >1 start a combo, and even singles will keep a combo alive.

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