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Thread in 'Competition' started by Amnesia, 22 May 2007.

  1. Yeah, I feel that if I actually started pushing at least the 20G sections, I'd drop a ton of time. Also, my sub-20G finesse has been improving lately because of TAP Master and such, so I think I can get some time back there as well... Not to mention more tetrises and such.

    Definitely sub-12m by the end of the year :D
  2. Muf



    Edit: Aww yeah!
  3. COL


    Gm in 11:23:01

    1st half in 5:51
    Still not confortable enough with sub 20g speed
  4. Ai


    You got the same 20G time as in my current best. Only difference is that I had 05:47:xx in the sub 20G part. You will probably do better in both halves and overtake me soon. ^^
  5. S8 - 894 @ 11:48:01

    I felt that I would reach 999 atleast but messed up. Usually though, it is the I-tetromino that causes the problem. But anyway, I will give it a few more tries in a couple of weeks. My score was like 107000 (120000 for next) so I guess I am close to the minimum stacking requirement.
  6. Ai


    Was your previous best on the leaderboard (S7@999) your only game completion?

    With that score 3 tetrises or the equivalent would be needed to gather enough points. Could be very close indeed. But it doesn't look like you have to worry about the 13:30 GM time requirement. ^^

    50th on the leaderboard and hopefully a step closer to 50 GM players by the end of the year. But it's getting more unlikely by the day. I know jujube got GM before. Maybe I'll add him after asking him about it again.
  7. Gm in 12:23.46 played 27 Nov 2009... would have been better, but Kevin messed me up in the 400 sec and I spent the next 200 levels skimming away the garbage :D
  8. Ai


    Congrats! I knew you could do it. Score and time are not bad at all. Now reach the end in TAP or do you have other plans?

    I would appreciate a lower quality video on Youtube. ^^
  9. Today, I made it to level 999 for the first time, didn't earn Gm status though.
    115326 points (grade SB), 14:10:70 total time, 12:51:81 "mastering time".

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  10. Welcome Goplat and nice play! I'm sure you'll make Gm before too long.
  11. DeHackEd

    DeHackEd green Gm

    A green line is nothing to be ashamed of.

    Oh, and I'm also posting a record update.

  12. [​IMG]
    On keyboard.
    Was getting sick of TAP, so I finally upped my record on TGM.
  13. :D :D B) :p

    GM in 12:44:36

    Excuse me, I am just a little excited ^^. Good run for me. Usually I was getting a bad 250-500 region which would leave me with a slightly messy stack at 20G. The result was that I was falling short of grade requirement while trying to drill.

    This time I just decided to play the 250-500 pretty much similar to as I would normally play 20G, basically considering it as a lenient form of 20G.
  14. Ai


    A job well done. Only a week after your S8. Again congrats! You too Budster.

    Meroigo please do it!!! ^^
  15. Ai


    I added jujube as a GM player. I hope it's okay with everyone. I talked to him yesterday and he told me that he did get GM with a time around 12:50:00 earlier this year. This makes 50 GM players. ^^

    I also know that a few other players have achieved higher grades than those on the leaderboard, but they will have to post to update their records. ^^
  16. Got my first S9! Look out Gm, here I come ;)

    134928 points, 13:24:58 total time, 11:50:20 mastering time

    Edit: I did it, I made Gm! 127345 points, 12:58:88. Passed the credits roll too, not that it makes any difference in this game I think.

    Funny how things work, the game with the higher score didn't cut it... must be that level 500 requirement, I rarely have 40000 points by that time.

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  17. Ahhh, nice! Congratulations on getting your first GM! :D

    Your previous record definitely shows you were due to get it. It must have just been slightly off somewhere like you said. Again, great work. :)
  18. Ai


    Congrats on going from S8 to GM on the same day! ^^

    Clearing the credit roll has no bearing on your grade, points or time in TGM. Some of the modes in the next installments do have a special credit roll where you're rewarded for good play and completion. And like you say it's probably the S4 at level 500 requirement that you missed earlier.
  19. Another Gm game by me, with better speed this time thanks to more manual locking. 136209 points, 12:26:43

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