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Thread in 'Competition' started by Amnesia, 22 May 2007.

  1. Leaderboard updated!

    Finally figured out how to translate the spreadsheet to the OP (thanks to @PARTY MAN X ) so I no longer have to type it manually. Guess that means more frequent updates? :V
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  2. tgmj3.png
    Added! -Archina
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  3. Hey! I've joined the GM club! My time is 12:46:03. Of course, I have a video of it, too.
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  4. Really nice plays and congrats on the GM! It's quite impressive that you kept above-pace for your score for pretty much the entire run. I can also see a rather large time save coming out of you if you were to be a little more confident in your stacking (try playing like you did near the end of the credits!) You never know, maybe we'll see a sub-12:30 or even a sub-12 from you before the end of the year! :D

    Steelix takes 112th place!
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  5. COL


    Gm @ 10:09:46 at Qlex's house yesterday, this time with a stick!!! I'm more comfortable with it.
    Maybe sub 10 will happen (if I don't misdrop and learn how not to panic...) .
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  6. Apparently quite well, because I didn't get a PB for a month.
    But here's an improvement (about 3.05 seconds).
    If you want to see a run which is all over the place in some segments but somehow still my fastest one, there you go!

    Added! -Archina
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  7. 112923.png
    I've been beating my head against a wall for nearly 2 months trying to break 11:30 before the year is out, and my determination has finally paid off. Time to start paying attention to stacking higher and not clearing singles.
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  8. Small improvements. Normal on the left and 20G on the right.
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  9. Finally, after 4 days of grinding, my first sub 12! (11:59:71)

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  10. [​IMG]
  11. Small improvement (11:41:93), this time on keyboard.

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  12. upload_2019-1-15_22-0-16.png
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  13. Hello, I'm another fellow TGM player from France! Got TGM 1 gm today so I thought I'd finally make an account to post it haha!


    I 99% play tap death (I don't even play master these days) but I was drunk so I was like why not and gave TGM 1 a try, I'm glad I did :wub:

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  14. Huh we meet French GM more and more :D bienvenue !
  15. Thanks dude ! It's actually thanks to Redlof_b that I started playing again, hadn't touched the game much before last year, feels great having friends that also play the game :oops:
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  16. Nice, finally sub 11:30
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  17. After my previous improvement of 3.05 seconds, I present you:
    PB by 0.9s.
    I was hoping I could get something more worth sharing after that but nope, that's my PB now.
    (Also I got a TAP Master score that was 1 Frame slower than my PB. Consistency ftw I suppose.)
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  18. Knocked, say, a minute off my best. 12:00 feels difficult but achievable.

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  19. Yeah, at a certain point consistency is the surest sign of improvement more than new PBs.
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  20. I went from 12:27 to 11:37 in 2 months, sub-11:30 is going to happen soon.

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