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Thread in 'Competition' started by Amnesia, 22 May 2007.

  1. 12.09.90.png
    Almost there. Just 10~ more seconds to go.

  2. meh
    I feel like I can do better
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  3. What did I just tell you?
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  4. GM in 9:54:80
    Oh yeah, sub-10!!
  5. The milestone!
    Congrats :D
  6. Just a life sign with at least sub 12 ;) (11:38:96). Next Stop Sub 11...

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  7. Talking about reaching sub-12...
    The 20G section was mostly dumster-ready, but it was enough in the end ^^.
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  8. [​IMG]
    Video coming soon.
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  9. Hopefully sub-11 coming soon (I'm the 11:12:90).
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  10. Minor improvement... 11:30:66

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  11. Upgraded my official TGM record last week!

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  12. kai


    WE DID IT WE GOT 10:3X

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  13. 11.54.21.png
    Finally, a time I am content with.
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  14. kai


    finally broke into top 20, heck yeah!!

  15. (it wasnt)
  16. 11.38.16.png
    This was a surprisingly quick turnaround. I wasn't expecting to make anymore progress into the world of sub 12 until the new year.
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  17. Finally broke sub-11 outside of texmaster!

    Interestingly, this was 2 PBs in a row, and the first one (the 10:59) broke my old PB by almost 30 seconds!

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  18. do I really have to start playing this again
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  19. Yes. We all do. The race to sub-10 begins!
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