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Thread in 'Competition' started by Amnesia, 22 May 2007.

  1. That's amazing 11:10 for your first GM! Congrats!
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  2. Thank you @JBroms for updating many of the leaderboards! Must have been a lot of work.
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  3. Today
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  4. 0032.png
    Finally! Took me ~11 months. I probably lost around 20s to "Don't mess it up", but speedruns can wait a little...
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  5. 12.24 GM.png
    Another 12 seconds shaved off. Sub 12 is starting to look feasible at some point in the not to distant future.
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  6. Second GM, small improvement 12:49.03
    Still haven't managed to catch one on tape. That's my TGM1 goal for this year.
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  7. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    Welcome back mfm !

    NEW today for me --> 9:43:20
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  8. [​IMG]
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  9. Started practicing again for Eindhoven meeting and this happened my first try of the day (after a short 20G warm-up):

    2017-08-22 S9 999.jpg 2017-08-22 S9 999 rankings.jpg

    I'm getting pretty close to GM finally!
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  11. kai



    finally broke sub10:50. Coming for you now EoN!

  12. kai


    why settle for one pb per day? ^^


    even got this one recorded!
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  13. 0038.png
    32s PB ^^. But that time is still terrible :p. Chasing sub-12 I suppose
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  14. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake


    Attached Files:

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  15. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    000-100 ==> 1:06 (66")
    100-200 ==> 2:06 (60")
    200-300 ==> 3:00 (54")
    300-400 ==> 3:57 (57")
    400-500 ==> 4:51 (54")

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  16. 12.13.png
    Slow but steady progress.
  17. [​IMG]

    GM @ 09:38:31
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  18. look i finally broke 11 minutes!

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  19. Super terrible video (web cam pointed at monitor )

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  20. nevermind that last post


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