TGM1 ZN-1 performance.

Thread in 'Hardware' started by Archina, 10 Jan 2018.

  1. Just curious to see how it performs or if it is even possible, yet how does TGM1 fair on a Sony ZN-1 motherboard? As far as I'm aware the only difference is the Main+ Video RAM (2MB compared to the ZN-2's variable 2/4/8MB.)
  2. To re-iterate for the forum what we talked about in Discord: I would just expect it to not work; I don't know what exactly may have changed in the board design from between Capcom ZN-1 and Capcom ZN-2, but at the very least I'm pretty sure that game security changed. (For the same reason, it would not be straightforward to connect a Capcom ZN-2 game to any other Sony ZN-2 based hardware, such as Taito G-NET or Taito FX-1B.) Moreover, the information out there seems to indicate the CPU clock is pretty significantly higher on the ZN-1 vs. the ZN-2.
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