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Thread in 'Hardware' started by botitas, 1 Apr 2019.

  1. I've been interested lately in having a small TGM1 setup. I just have some questions
    1) I know that to play the game (without emulation) i need a Supergun, an arcade stick/controller/whatever (and stuff to hook it up to the board), and, of course, the PCB itself. However i still need to get a Capcom ZN2 even if i use a Supergun, right? My friend who knows a lot about arcade hardware doesn't know.
    2) I have an old CRT from my childhood (More specifically, a Sony Trinitron KV-25FV12/5, according to the sticker on the back). I've been using it all my life to play retro stuff, but it only has RCA connectors. Does that still work for TGM1? (If not i found a PVM on sale for 1200 MXN, ~60 US dollars, so thats not too big of a hurdle)
    Thank you in advance
  2. Muf


    You'll need a supergun with a video encoder. As far as I can tell that specific model of Trinitron you mentioned has a component input (red/green/blue RCA) so you would get the best picture with a supergun that has component output, or an RGB supergun with an RGB to component converted attached.
  3. It doesn't, it just has an RCA port on the front, an RCA port in the back... and S-Video, which i just today found out. That still works if i use a video encoder, right? I don't really mind such a minute quality loss
  4. Regarding the board,

    The TGM1 PCB is composed of a ZN2 mother board, and the TGM1 child board. So yes, you need both, no matter what arcade hardware you play on.

    In ebay, there is a mother + child board listed at 800 USD, but also a child board and a Street fighter EX-2 with mother board, for half the price combined:

    You can get both for ~460 USD
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  5. > TGM1 & ZN2 (Think of the ZN2 as the hardware and TGM1 as the software)
    > Supergun (most on here use one of these)
    > TV capable of RGB, or a supergun with RCA and/or S-Video out (S-Video > RCA)
    > Stick
    > The majority of superguns use Neo-Geo controller connectors, so you'll need something to go USB -> that (pretty much everyone I know uses these, the site says out of stock but if you give @therealundamned on Twitter a shout he'll send you one)
    The supergun will probably need a power supply, usually they just take ATX (normal PC power supply).
    What model PVM is it?
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  6. Thank you for your help!
    The PVM is a Sony Trinitron PVM-8220. It's (from what i've seen) not the best option but for the price i think it's still worth it if my CRT ends up having too much input lag or something
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  7. CRTs don’t have lag. PVMs have some advantages but lag is not one of themcompared with other CRTs
  8. The 8220 does not have RGB (and is tiny!). You'd be a lot better off trying to find a better one if you want to go that route.
    Composite only; no S-Video or RGB there.
    There's an 8041q on eBay (has RGB) for $100 but especially for the price it's still not great. I spent around the same amount of money on my 14L3 before I upgraded to an L4.
    The main advantage of a PVM over a consumer set is the picture quality (and easy access to RGB in places it was rarely available, such as the US). Like gontrollez said, standard definition CRTs do not have lag just by nature of how they work.
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  9. Thanks, i'll keep looking for PVMs with RGB (Or just play on S-Video. Not what i'd prefer but w/e)
    Sorry if this is really dumb but can i just connect a Neo-Geo stick? I found an AES one for really cheap
  10. Probably. A proper USB stick would be ideal, though (playing TAP/Ti on PC, better joystick/buttons: from what I can see, trying to put a JLF into an AES stick is quite involved)
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  11. Only just noticed this thread. Oops.

    Anyway, yeah the TGM1 PCB requires the ZN-2 to work, Imagine the ZN-2 to be a games console with TGM1 being the game itself. They usually come bundled together yet not always. I've been trying to help people look for boards at a decent price yet it's been pretty hard lately. Personally I wouldn't want to go above ~$260 for a TGM1 + ZN-2 though that's your call.

    As for superguns, if you're okay with soldering you could make one yourself using whatever connectors are most conveneint for you as the JAMMA standard is surprisingly simple (it just has a lot of pins!) Though if you aren't I'd recommend just getting something like Smallcab's supergun as it's a small-ish thing that can be hooked up using a fair few cables that are common in Europe (E.G SCART for video out.)
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