TGM1 in PS1 via ROMHack

Thread in 'Research & Development' started by gontrollez, 20 Dec 2020.

  1. I haven’t tested this yet but here is the link. If any one tries it plase post if you get it working. If the lag is low this could be a great way of playing TGM1. Also could it run on a PSP?
  2. you definitely can if it gets workin on a PS1 and PSP via eboot conversion. however the button layout is Square , Triangle and R1 for Left spin , right spin , left spin.
  3. I converted it to eboot and it works on my PS Vita via Adrenaline.
    But the music stops after a level transition. For example, when you reach lv. 100 it stops. When you reach 500 starts the 20g song, but again, it stops as soon as you hit lv. 600.
    Although it might well be a bad conversion of my end.
  4. Not really a bad hack it's because the music is processed through Qsound which the OG PS1's don't natively support. Just give it time as im sure someone will figure out a method to get it running via redbook audio properly
  5. The romhack was updated again (1.2a now).
  6. Yeah , music via cdda audio works great however there's no background changing every 100 levels because there's not enough ram in the ps1 to do it. But everything else works
  7. The music patch is optional. With 1.2a there is no more delay when the background changes like previously. 115 seems to be working on an update to combine both so backgrounds change instantly and music works.
  8. SEXY TIME!!!! Gonna have to grab that and have my buddy compile it

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