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Thread in 'Strategy' started by Melinda, 10 Feb 2015.

  1. Hey guys, here's a quick one,

    Do you think I should worry that I don't make the "Level 300 <= 4:15" requirement for GM?

    Or just keep on trucking? I normally only miss it by 10-30 seconds, but I feel like I'm pushing myself really hard when I get it.

    All depending on the game before that obviously, if I'm spending too long clearing garbage it's out of the question.

    I'm getting better at 20G surviving around 100-200 levels.

    I guess the question is , 20G mode, or regular?

  2. How fast is your 0-100 and 100-200? If your 0-100 is more than like...1:25 or so you should probably practice stacking higher in 0-100. Otherwise it could just be that you're not manually locking fast enough. I would spend some more time in 20G mode as well. Maybe split it 50-50 until you can get to 300-400 levels survived in 20G.
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  3. Don't worry about it. Ignore the requirements altogether until you're at least in the level 800 range in terms of personal best and Gm looks like it might start getting possible (I'm assuming you're not higher than S6 atm but tbh I'm just guessing because you've not posted in the records thead :p).

    A lot of people don't make Gm the first time they reach 999. If they don't, it's usually because they've failed the 999 @ 13:30 or faster requirement. If you can't hit 300 in 4:15 then you'll probably miss the final 13:30 requirement anyway.
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  4. in this example video, my 0-100 is 1:33 because I was sitting at 99 since 1:24
    I have a serious problem getting stuck at the level intervals and it's something I really need to get in the habit of watching.

    100-200 was a 2:53, but that was just horribly sloppy playing.

    200-300 @ 4:11, made a few mistakes in my stack just to make sure I made it.

    after that it's just shit. wasn't ready for the speed, messed up my DAS all over the place, nothing special there

    here's the vid

    I don't think I've ever made it past S4, so I've been ashamed to post in the records thread
  5. maybe it was first run luck, or being recorded, but that's the best run I've gotten this sitting, maybe I'll keep the recorder going and see what happens, and post a "PB" tonight
  6. The biggest thing to do is probably just make sure you don't hesitate when placing a piece. If you think you have a good placement, just do it. Don't wait and maybe change your mind. Just place the piece. Even if it's not the optimal placement, chances are that unless you misdropped there's probably a way to make it work. That will cut down your times greatly.
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  7. A lot of my hesitation comes from the fact my left switch will double tap sometimes, due to what I think is a wiring fault. I need to recheck my wiring. It feels really good holding down and knowing it's gonna go in the right place, I'll try to pick a place and stick with it, I'm just always worried about making holes 3 deep or too many holes 2 deep. or having an S or a Z on a flat surface at so low G that I can't fix it, but I guess, just make the whole and fix it later
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