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Thread in 'Strategy' started by tet2brik, 16 Jan 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    What would you do in that case ?


    Context :

    You are at the beginning of the game (level 39) and you have the possibility to make 2 tetris which means a lot of points BUT if you do that, you will have to "rebuilt" everything which takes time as you are in the first level (speed still very low and even if you hold down, you lost time)

    So what would you do pro players B) ?
  2. COL


    true speed madmen wouldn't even make the first tetris in order to raise their stack a little more.
  3. Muf


    Depends if you're going for a Gm time attack (seasoned player) or if you want to get the highest grade possible before dying (beginner). In the latter case, the tetris combo is a good speed trade off. In the former case, you're not going to need a tetris combo in order to have 126.000 points at level 999, so as COL said, you're going to stack to the ceiling even if there is opportunity to tetris.
  4. Ai


    When playing time attack, I would place both I-pieces horizontal on the left and stack higher. For score attack you could use the opportunity to combo and hope for the L-piece to appear afterwards. Though since it's so early in the game the points acquired are still minimal to make a very big difference.

    When playing for time stack as high as possible and learn finesse. And when playing for score or getting high grades as early as possible use combos, abuse the level stop and hope to get a bravo for big score boosts. ^^
  5. Muf


    Also, nice 'shop with the next box there. :awe:
  6. I would put both on the left, as others have said.
  7. Zaphod77

    Zaphod77 Resident Misinformer

    Were I a qualified GM, i'd stack higher to improve my time attack.

    Were i a beginner i'd take both tetrises.

    If I have yet to get gm, but think i've got a good chance, i doubt one tetris now will make the difference, and I'd take one tetris with the second I as a survival precaution. (placing the second I flat takes more time). If i turned out to be too slow for GM, I'd stack higher next time. :)
  8. hum interesting ! Thanks guys for your replies ! ;)
  9. LOL :p
  10. I would definitely put both I on the left if such situation occured before 350.
    But since you're not yet able to reach 999, I would go for the combo if i were you. What if you play the fast way and don't manage to get sub-500 S4 because you didn't take the chance of comboing a bit ?
  11. K


    i take the 2 tetris.
  12. i don't believe you.
  13. Ai


    With a time like that at level 39 I would too. ^^
  14. K


    You must. People tend to believe they will perform good time attack if they keep stack high. It's just useless until you get consistent avoiding single. You better strongly work getting tetris/triple instead..
  15. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    J'étais sure que tu disais ca..

    Most of the players who replied here are able to play until 260 in stacking near the top..
    There is no qualification here..No need to pass 300 everytime..I don't care to lose some games stupidely around 100 or 150 because I top out..
    But for sure, I continually stack at 4 lines to the top until the speed becomes acceptable around 260.

    There is at least 10 sec to save here in doing that.
  16. K


    and 60 sec you lose by doing single... no TGM1 video available Amni ?:V
  17. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    T'as raison je vais faire ca dès que je choppe un cable pour ma caméra.
  18. K


    Yeah !
    Go for it SingleBoy ! show me what you got:V

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