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Thread in 'Competition' started by Kitaru, 19 Jan 2014.

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    Most intense game I ever played! This notes the first time I ever enter the 7XX section! (and almost into 8XX!) In fact, very rarely have I ever made it into 6XX.. maybe 2 times ever, and never been close to 700 so I make a big personal advancement here :)

    It was mostly singles-doubles, maybe a few triples in the late game as I had made some holes. But I'm happy about this run, and would have been even more excited if I could have stacked more points for another grade. Most of the time I top out around 400-499.. so this was a big step.

    The quest continues. With this run I'm for the first time actually thinking I could get to 999. For the first time, there is hope that I will succeed!

    EDIT: video up -> http://youtu.be/q9cNz_Oi4Nw
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  2. Alright alright, people getting close here! Frenetic and Burbruee on the line, are the NES players still on this? Another score from another player could prove interesting for the whole competition
  3. I made it to Grade S1 today! :D
  4. Nice! Slow and steady, I like it :)
  5. orz


    someone send me a cabinet and a tap pcb, thank you
  6. I made it to grade S2 today, at level 399/400. :rolleyes:

    Thanks for the tips on practicing 20G Kitaru! :biggrin:
  7. I got to S3 today! :cat:
  8. Nice, keep it up! :D
  9. Still trying. Not making any progress. Get to 500 about 1/50 times. Always make one or two fatal mistakes around the 300-400 mark that are totally unnecessary and could be avoided.
    <20G in this game feels like a long waiting game to get into the "real game" and I think I loose focus and make mistakes. :twisted:

    Played TGM-style regularly since 2007 and still not made it to 999 in what is regarded as the "simple game that everyone should be able to master"

    Well, I'll keep trying. :)
  10. COL


    Il like this kind of warrior spirit :)

    Try to focus on stacking instead. Build for tetrises. Contrary to what people may believe it does not involve extra effort: it makes the game easier because the kind of stack you will naturally generate by doing so are the cleanest possible and so the easiest to deal with. This is what you should improve first imho.

    Here's a suggestion.
    start the game with 20G code. First forget about speed. Try to make at least 10 tetrises in the same game. (NB: with tap you'll get visual mark i.e a bronze SK, so no need to count them mentally). When you're done, try to do 20 tetrises.
    TIP 1: try to make your 5th column higher than the others, since it allows maximal mobility of the tetrominoes in 20g (every piece can be moved both sides when you have raised the 5th column).
    TIP 2: try to avoid to raise your 6th column as this prevent to move your "s" on the right and generally cripples your game. If it occurs try to fix it (I remember that when I discovered this, it was a huge relief because I wasn't really sure about how I got consistently in trouble). With time you may identify other troublesome kind of shapes and avoid them with plague
  11. I got s3 today, I think it's my first time past lvl 500. Some people are a little more advanced than me, but I'm going to win! >:D
  12. orz


    practice from 500 a bunch and then when you play games from 0 just treat 300-499 like it's 20g

    you might find it easier to have a set of moves that you're extremely comfortable with, only using by-the-skin-of-your-teeth not-quite-20g moves when you're absolutely certain they'll work
  13. Thanks for the suggestions guys, really appreciate it.

    Inputting the 20G code every time in mame got a bit annoying (kept forgetting to re-enter it after each try..) so I tried it in Texmaster with a 500 start instead. Easier for practice.

    I made a video of a "500 start"-run. It's on my website here, link should work:

    I think my stacking in 20G is still sort of decent at least, I made some holes sure. But I think I have the idea right to stack high in the middle and let the pieces slide out to the sides. I've played some TAP Death so not totally unfamiliar with the concept.
    Didn't get close to 10-20 tetrises yet though. :)

    I'll record one later tonight with start from level 0.

    EDIT: Here's a video of how it normally plays for me starting from 0. Generally, I get S1 around the 200 mark. Then it's all downhill.

    I did manage to get one game up to S5 @ 670 tonight but only one game for the entire evening. Played on and off all of my free time after work and mostly I fail in the 300 section or around there. Yet, the 20G game above was no fluke, I consistently survived to 800+ from 500 game after game. So I have no problem with the speed of 20G for sure, as long as I have a clean stack to start with. The problem is by the time I hit 20G I've already destroyed any hope of surviving in 20G because my stack is already full of holes.

    Maybe I try to play too fast, but that's just my style. As fast as I can, no matter what. (I can't slow down, if I make mistakes so be it, I'll just have to learn to deal with it and try to minimize my mistakes)

    I did notice some DAS or tapping fails looking over some of the replays of tonight. For example where I hold for too long and send it flying to the wall when I didn't intend to. Or get the wrong timing and start moving the piece before it has spawned resulting in bad placement, or even start moving the next one before I have locked the previous. So in that regard 20G is easier because they spawn in the center of the screen and I only need to slide it to the sides. Don't have to worry too much about DAS charging and such.

    So to sum it all up: I really suck at anything between 0G and before 20G. :p

    Well, if you want to give some comments on the videos and have more hints and tips on what I can change now that you've seen me play I'll listen. If I could just survive until 500 more often than once or twice a day then I think I'll be able to make good progress from there.
  14. It's ok and perfectly understandable. Being from Sweden you are no doubt distracted by all the palt and kroppkakor.
  15. I can't help my friend win this apparently, so I may as well help you. :p

    My stupid solution is let the piece fall before trying to move it left/right between like... 3G and 20G.

    Basically I'm not holding left or right until the piece hits the stack. Once it does, just play it like 20G.

    This avoids almost all of the dumb times where you expect a piece to get stuck and doesn't. But your mileage may very. I actually never played non 20G until I could clear 20G (Really!), so I try to play in a way to may it more like that.
  16. In all seriousness, what Kasumi is describing is exactly how I used to play when I was a budding GM. It requires tons of tapping and is not a long term good strategy, but it is a solid intermediate strategy for becoming consistent at that pesky pre-20G speed.

    So yeah, restrain yourself and slow-tap "fake 20G" the almost 20G parts.
  17. Um, so this just happened:


    It's right now, over 3 AM. And I have to sleep and go to work in a few hours. But I had set a goal: Get ONE game to 500 (I had failed to reach 500 for over an hour, maybe two) and it resulted in this.....

    As I closed in on 700 I was stacked really high up, and stopped locking, taking it sloooow and easy to break my S6 record. When I did and got into S7 I started to get really nervous, and my heart started pounding faster. And faster. And faster... the longer I survived. When I got into 800, it got really exciting! And when I hit that S9, I just KNEW I would make it. I would not fail!

    Here's the video. Oh and it goes slightly out of sync. (audio) I really need to sleep so had no time to fiddle around with codecs and such.


  18. COL



    edit: GG!
  19. Muf


    Congratulations! A PCB owner is you!
  20. Congratulations!!! Very nice effort indeed :D

    - Jono

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