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Thread in 'Locations & Events' started by Dark-Aries, 14 Mar 2017.

  1. Alright so I've been throwing this idea around for a bit now, and it seems enough people are interested. I want to setup a meetup in the Toronto area ideally, or at somewhere in the area. Niagara region or about that travel time is also on the short list but the Toronto area is just easiest to think about currently. It would be like the Eindhoven meetup but in the sense that just a bunch of tetris players playing tetris. I myself have TGM and TAP pcbs along with a super gun and a stick. I was thinking we could also stream the whole thing as well. It wouldn't happen til the actual summer. Any help figuring out the logistics of the event would be appreciated. I'm more of a tech dude, not an event planner. Thanks!
  2. You're in Toronto? I'm in Waterloo, with TGM 1/2/3 and 3 cabs (1 broken). Could maybe host or else at least attend.

    Paging @DeHackEd. Anyone else local-ish?
  3. Huntsville, here, and depending on how money goes, I might show. =P
  4. I'm actually in Niagara area but figured Toronto is the easier sell. And yeah if you wanna host it I'd totally be down. Maybe we can even fix that broken cab of yours if I have enough time to check it out before hand.
  5. DeHackEd

    DeHackEd green Gm

    Oh I'm in....

    But due to my work schedule every 3rd week I won't be able to make it. March 27th through April 2nd is the next no-go week for me.
  6. @Dark-Aries what do you know about repair? The monitor humms but it's all black, not so much as a flicker when it turns on.
  7. I mean I'm not an expert, but I can break it down enough to figure out what to find out is wrong with it and then look into seeing how to repair it.
  8. What sort of thing did you guys have in mind? Like are you thinking a day/weekend/week? It would be especially convenient for me to host sometime between April 15th and May 9th because I have my house to myself then. Something in the summer can likely work too but I won't know when exactly for some time.
  9. Nothing really longer than a weekend probably. Those dates actually would work since they are before NASA. If they can't work anything starting june really should be good. I mean how many people could we host then at your place?
  10. What's NASA?

    I have a rather big air mattress and an L shaped couch, that's an easy 4 guests. We don't even have 4 maybes right now so I think we're good (DeHackEd would probably simply drive home, he's not super far).
  11. North American Speedrunner Assembly. Speedrunning event happening in Toronto this year. I'm head of tech for the event. Also gonna run Magical Tetris Challenge for it. Back to this thing though. I believe raincomplex and simon said in irc they would be interested.
  12. If this was held in the summer, I might be able to attend. Nothing earlier because I'd have to get a passport issued. It'd also give me an excuse to visit my extended family in Buffalo.
  13. @JBroms would be cool to meet you! If we did something earlier I would not rule out something later, I'd be up for both.

    @Dark-Aries sounds cool, not sure what version you are running but fyi I have a MTC pcb. Would be cool to throw down some vs.

    I think @simonlc is in Montreal? Not sure where @rain is from. But everyone would be welcome.

    Would people coming from further away still want a weekend or would you want something longer to make the trip worthwhile?
  14. I've been running n64. Some MTC vs would be amazing.
  15. So at this point I'm thinking we either have the event in April or June. April might be to close for comfort for a proper meetup so maybe June? I mean I'm down for even small hangouts just to figure everything out so
  16. Yeah I vote for April and there's nothing stopping us from figuring out a tentatively bigger 2nd future meet. Would need people coming from further away to chime in.
    How does the weekend of April 28th sound?
  17. I wouldn't be able to show that soon. Sorry. D:
  18. if my passport goes through before then, i can make it in april, but i think june is a lot more likely for me

    edit: also i have a friend i can stay with in toronto
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  19. 28th sounds good to me. If we plan on streaming it we just need to figure out logistics is all.
  20. This is still happening April 28th weekend right?

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