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Thread in 'Competition' started by Amnesia, 16 Nov 2007.

  1. jujube

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    Re: [TGM][TAP] One-handed

    good job Kitaru!
  2. Re: [TGM][TAP] One-handed

    Congrats on the clear!
    My brother and I (2 people) took about that long to get to 300 on texmaster...
  3. Re: [TGM][TAP] One-handed

    It's very happy to see the third player who completed Doubles alone. Very incredible.
    Also I got a new record little while ago.

    SQR-------------300 @ 05:45:18 @ 300-----------SQR (21, Feb. 2009)

    DIGITAL Unregistered

    Re: [TGM][TAP] One-handed

    Nice one! By the way, how often do you play solo Doubles?
  5. Re: [TGM][TAP] One-handed

    Congratulations! I'm very happy to see you are still working on this. [​IMG]
  6. Re: [TGM][TAP] One-handed

    I'm playing this less seriously than Master and T. A. Death modes... Maybe, Doubles:others might be 1:10 (or less often).
    For example, when I feel exhausted in playing Master and Death (they keep my arms, fingers, and shoulders very strained!) and would like to lessen the stress, I try it a few times to ease my wrists. It works so-so for relaxing, but being still challenging.
    Today, I had enough time to play TGM series thoroughly, so I might have played Doubles relatively more often.

    DIGITAL Unregistered

    Re: [TGM][TAP] One-handed

    Considering the intense speed you exhibit in your Death videos, I can imagine how you might get very strained. [​IMG] How much effort would you say you put into a game of Doubles? What record should we expect if you took it more seriously? [​IMG]
  8. Re: [TGM][TAP] One-handed

    First, thank you for understanding "stressing" moves. [​IMG]

    Well, speaking of the "effort," I have to explain the uniqueness of operations in this mode.
    Typically, a well-trained TGM player thinks of optimization of tetramino moves, causing highly frequent Zangi-moves, speedy slidings, frame synchronizations and/or some other finesses. Of course these operations impose a huge burden (physically and mentally).
    However, my optimization in Doubles is hardly or never established, because the width of field is 14, two blocks fall from different positions, these blocks collide each other, etc. It's ENTIRELY different from usual games. Thus, to avoid misdrops, the movements become the succession of only very simple moves: The rotation button is mostly fixed to counter-clockwise (unless it wouldn't fit), side movements become step-by-step to aim the correct drop position -- this eventually prevents sudden and stressful movements.

    Finally, I don't know how I could improve and even I could continue to put energy into it...; if some of us will find a decent, practicable (and easy-to-master) optimization in Doubles mode, things may change drastically. But sorry, I have no idea currently. [​IMG]

    Thanks so much! I hope you challenge it again while you're making personal bests in TI. (Also, I'm waiting for new challenge you proposed in "Resolution 2009" topic.)
  9. Re: [TGM][TAP] One-handed

    You can count on it! I'll try and get a video camera to show my hands.

    On the topic of personal bests in Ti, I was looking at your records page:

    I noticed your newest Ti records are over 1 year old. Have you stopped playing this game? Because I am sure you could do much better than Shirase S9 now.
  10. Re: [TGM][TAP] One-handed

    Well... Actually, I'm just resumed playing Shirase in ARS mode though in a quite slow pace. Recently I hit some 800-ish games in Shirase(C), so if my concentration kept better, I would update my TI records. I've been so despondent in TI's 3-next-with-a-hold system and extremely low-parameter environments after 600 level, but I try not to hasten, but to keep a controllable rhythm in this case.
    On the other hand, SRS, is perfectly forgotten. (My objective to play World Rule has been fulfilled since a player achieved a sub-5 Shirase(W) run. It was fun but not my business, and all in all, I'm ARS-oriented player...)
  11. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    Re: [TGM][TAP] One-handed

    Hmm..The last record of SQR excited me a bit.. [​IMG]
    I will correct the huge mistake in the TGM1 one handed ranking..
  12. Re: [TGM][TAP] One-handed

    Ridiculously again my personal best:

    SQR-------------300 @ 05:40:95 @ 300-----------SQR (8, Mar. 2009)

    I realize I come to be able to handle sonic drops with less failures...
    Here, we'll expect a sub-5:30 game, so I have to imagine that (a bit more) seriously. [​IMG]
  13. Ai


    Re: [TGM][TAP] One-handed

    That is insane! Congrats SQR and I wish you good luck getting under 05:30.

    I've seen a colour_thief video where he plays TGM one-handed and I can't comprehend how you guys do it. When I become a more decent player I will definitely try to play some one-handed TGM.
  14. Re: [TGM][TAP] One-handed

    Congratulations! I will have to work hard if I am to close the 40 second difference between us.
  15. jujube

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    Re: [TGM][TAP] One-handed

    that's awesome SQR [​IMG] are you going to make another video soon? people would love to see your progress.
  16. DeHackEd

    DeHackEd green Gm

    Re: [TGM][TAP] One-handed

    Doubles - 155 & 162 in 5:44.85
  17. Re: [TGM][TAP] One-handed

    Recently I'm stacking the number of attempts to play TGM1 one-handed:

    SQR R---------GM - 999 @ 10:50:18

    Even though I could make it in TGM, it will take much time to learn finesse in 20G environments.
  18. Re: [TGM][TAP] One-handed

    It's this year's last post, though leaving many months away:

    SQR-------------300 @ 05:34:83 @ 300-----------SQR (26, Dec. 2009)

    The remaining objective in solo doubles is to be able to deal with the insanely difficult 280Lv.+ part of the game. Only the best finish move makes the best game.

    ...Anyway, may 2010 be a great year for all of you!

  19. Muf


    Re: [TGM][TAP] One-handed

    Awesome performance. Maybe next time you're at Pier21 you could attempt another recording of a one-handed performance? Solo doubles or one-handed TGM, whichever you prefer. :)
    Have a great 2010 :D
  20. Ai


    Re: [TGM][TAP] One-handed

    Congrats SQR^^^! Almost sub 05:30. I never attempted playing one-handed yet. Maybe something I should look into next year.

    My best wishes for 2010 too!! ^^

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