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Thread in 'Competition' started by Ai, 12 Jul 2009.

  1. Ai


    Oh I see. So the score you posted earlier today was also in TA? I wasn't aware there was a difference in scoring between the 2 versions. I tried playing in TA as well and got a score under 20000 too.

    My guess would be that line clear scores are multiplied with a value lower than the 6 used in TAP. Maybe someone can clear that up?
  2. TAP Normal: 51666, 300 @ 7:57:25
    I think I should have let everything soft drop into place by gravity, but I only had enough time for one game and would get bored. No doubles, triples, or tetrises. Didn't optimize for the item pieces.
  3. Ai


    Taking full advantage of the 2 special items is key to get a score as low as possible. My strategy is very easy, but not simple to implement.

    I clear singles until level 50-60 after which I start stacking upwards while trying not to clear anymore lines. What you need to do is to try and stack in a way so that after using the FREE FALL item, the ensuing cascade will clear most pieces from the field. Some cascade strategies can be found in the wiki I believe. Afterwards concentrate on clearing singles again until level 150-160 before you start stacking up again without clearing lines. The higher the stack the more piece will be deleted when you use the DEL EVEN item. If done correctly you will have a stack which takes about half of the field. Then comes the hardest part in which you need to try and clear singles to get the stack down until level 250-260. Thereafter start stacking up without clearing lines again until you clear the game. I'm interested in hearing about more effective strategies.

    I almost finished a game with a score of about 35000 at one time, but I failed at level 299 as I was unable to clear a last line to clear the game. That's why I put in the comments besides my current best that under 40000 is definitely possible.

    I've only played this variation of TAP Normal for about 2 hours last year. I started playing like this after I misdropped early on in one of my many TAP Normal games. ^^

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