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Thread in 'Research & Development' started by K, 20 Nov 2012.

  1. K


    Recently i joined the "Team superplay" from the No-Life TV.
    It's a kind superplay demo live show from various game (shmup, rythm'n game, speedRun, Puzzle..) over a scene
    each people have his own specialty, and of course i play TGM.
    We started this for fun, but recently there are more opportunity to grow and become a real structure..
    This weekend we were at the MIG (Montpellier In Game).
    I was really happy to pull twice M-roll and MasterM at the second try, on live.
    no doubt TGM high speed it's really impressive, but Master and Shirase isn't really interesting for a "long time".
    I need to show something that can keep people attention, breathtaking..
    i was thinking about maybe sakura mode :
    Maybe double mode alone but quite hardcore :'(
    Any idea ?
  2. Sakura looks good. I would advise big mode (shirase maybe), even though there are two problems : People can get bored or misunderstand the difficulty (which could be coped with if a commentator explains the thing), and it's very easy to die early, which makes a show out of it risky. I dreamt of breaking the first torikan in shirase having big mode, I think that would be quite a feat.
  3. One hand ? Tetris Sculpture (ask Shuey ?)
  4. secret grade :)
  5. K


    if it's secret grade it must be with the horse mask + boxing glove :p
  6. Zaphod77

    Zaphod77 Resident Misinformer

    Big mode is actually fairly easy in TI. the previews and hold REALLY help. I've actually cleared it with classic rotation.
  7. Edo

    Edo a.k.a. FSY

    Maybe try a checkerboard pattern? With Ti's 3 previews and hold, you should be able to do it fast enough to keep people's interest. After doing 10 or so lines of that, clear all the way down (getting a bravo if possible :D), and then play fast for the rest of the game. Then in the staff roll, do a secret grade. If you can pull it all off, it'll definitely be impressive, and very entertaining to watch.

    I'm not sure if Sakura mode will really keep them entertained for that long; a lot of the levels will be over before the audience get a chance to comprehend what's going on, and you'll definitely need a commentator to explain things. Also, does the BIG code actually work in Shirase? I thought it only worked in Master mode.
  8. Muf


    Correct. There is only Master BIG mode.
  9. K


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