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  1. Hey guys,

    Been into TGM2 now for a while, and have been thinking about making an arcade controller (more as a hobby thing, but using it for this would be a bonus). I was wondering if you guys had any recommendations about sticks/parts that would be a best choice for making one, as there's a HUGE variety out there, and TGM is probably my main focus when it comes to arcade games.

    Anything would be helpful, and if you list suppliers, somewhere shipping to the UK for reasonable prices would be best.

    Thanks in advance!
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  3. While the Sanwa JLF is hands down the best joystick for TGM and Sanwa buttons also tend to be the standard, I personally have a fondness for Seimitsu buttons. Sanwa buttons tend to be very sensitive and once in a while I actuate them by accident. Seimitsu buttons tend to be a little stiffer, which I prefer.
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  4. Fantastic, thanks for a really quick response!

    Another quick question, BBQTurkeyzZ you mentioned a specific stick in your post, is alright? Slightly different name (but it may have just been a typo!).

    JBroms, would you have a specific button model you'd recommend? I might grab a couple to try out (as they're only a couple of quid!).
  5. is the one I recommended. I'm pretty sure that the only difference is that the 8T has the 5-pin connector in a different place so it'd be best to go for the 8YT given it's the most commonly used and is slightly cheaper.
  6. I use these in my cab, you might prefer the screw-in option depending on what you're making this out of:

    and for what it's worth, I still think Sanwas are okay. I play on Sanwa parts all the time at Victory Pointe.
  7. In my opinion the casing is the biggest problem. You can get the Sanwa components from different spots, ebay (e.g. this one seems to be a complete kit: A similiar kit you also get over here:

    For the casing it gets more complicated. There are a very few spots to get a case (e.g. or components for a case (e.g. Second way is to buy a used arcade stick with a nice case and just change the components. A few already have good components in there, e.g. the MadCatz Tournament Editions. Next option is to build a case yourself, if you do not have really special tools, wood might be your only option. You will still need the right drill for the holes.
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  8. Well, it depends how much you value aesthetics :)
    I have recently received the exact arcade kit that TGGC mentions (the ebay one, "Arcade DIY KIT Parts USB Encoder to PC Original Sanwa Joystick + OBSF-30 Buttons"). It works perfectly.

    Also had the issue of what box to pick, but wanted to just play already, so got this thing called a "tactix clipboard organiser" which my girlfriend found at the hardware store. Using the "standard japanese layout" from slagcoin, cut some holes with a dremel (but you can do this with a swiss army knife and a file), get some nuts+bolts and the result is something functional if hacky-looking:
    hacky_controller.jpg hacky_controller_internals.jpg
    Plan was to decorate a bit and maybe even post about it (then again, who cares), but time is very scarce recently, so better to play than look at it.

    I've even seen people use tupperware (e.g., though even for me that is a bit too hacky.

    Having played with a D-pad for nearly a year before caving in, I must admit that the tetris experience is much more immersive and fun with a stick, so I highly recommend it.
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