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Thread in 'Discussion' started by Xerxius, 26 Apr 2013.

  1. At the bottom of the TGM guide by PetitePrince on the wiki there is an achievements list. I've always wondered why this doesn't have any TI achievements. Do you guys have any suggestions for some TI achievements or any other TGM related achievements? Where to put them in the list? Or do you just think it's pointless to have achievements? :biggrin:
  2. DeHackEd

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    Depends how seriously you want to take them.

    * A lightning bravo (Make a Tetris using exactly first 10 pieces)
    * Go out in style (Make a line clear, and top out on the next piece anyway)

    Or how hard you want to make them

    * Go for gold (Earn all the gold TAP medals at some point in your life)
    * Playing with your eyes closed (Survive the TAP invisible roll, even in practice mode)

    What's the objective exactly?
  3. Haha, I think he meant in terms of PetitPrince's progression chart. :) I'm not sure how I would integrate TGM3 into that, though.
  4. DeHackEd

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    Yeah, but he said "other TGM related achievements" and I couldn't resist. PP's list is very good for TGM1 & 2. I find TGM3's difficulty to just vary too much.
  5. We can certainly put "Reach Classic TGM3 GM" as the very bottom accomplishment :p
  6. Haha yeah, that's an obvious one. :) Shirase 1200 and Shirase 1300 just before that?
  7. I'd put Shirase 1200 well before Shirase 1300, as getting to Shirase 1200 is really not much harder than getting to Shirase 600. If you can handle one section of 600 speed you can probably handle all the way to 1200 since the speed only increases slightly at 1100 and the garbage is insignificant if you stack reasonably.
  8. Yeah but what do you put in between?

    Shirase 1200

    Shirase 1300
    Master GM
  9. I was mostly thinking about the progression chart, yes c: We can put other achievements as "misc. achievements" for now.

    I just got to lvl 500 in TI, easy mode is.. well. Easy. Still haven't reached lvl 700 in TGM or rank S1 in TAP. Shirase is achievements could begin at after a speed of TAP Death has been reached, because I can do about lvl 200 in TAP Death, but not even reach lvl 100 in Shirase.

    Should world rules be considered misc. achievements or are they useful for getting used to the speed of TGM3?

    Also TGM3 has a lot more ranks, including provisional and qualified. Maybe some of the M-ranks would fit between shirase 1200-1300?

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