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Thread in 'Locations & Events' started by Ray Ayanami, 12 Dec 2010.

  1. Provided you don't decide to smash 'em up D:
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    Round1 in Taunton, MA picked up a TAP some months back. The downsides are it's 4 credits to play (roughly $1.00?), it's only 1p side (so no Vs or Doubles), the stick is 8-way, and the monitor is a widescreen LCD and the game image is rather stretchy.
  3. Did you address any of that to them? That sounds horrifically bad.
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    I did not! I know others have talked to staff about the stick being 8-way vs 4-way in the past, though.
  5. A Round One also just opened up in Exton, PA. (less than 4 hours ago!)

    It's 75 cents for two credits, also 8-way (from what I can tell, I'm not that hip), also no 2P side, TAP. I live super close, but probably won't be going terribly often until I have more disposable income.

    Hi Boingloing(?) and Kiba, who I met there. At least two of us told staff there we need 4-way, which is a fair amount considering they just opened.



    - Versions: TAP
    - Address: 172 Exton Square Pkwy, Exton, PA 19341
    - Cost: 0.75 USD (for 2 Credits, cannot get just one)
    - Cabinet type: Candy
    - Controls: ???
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  6. Hello from western PA!

    While I'm happy to hear that there's another public copy in our state, Round One has managed to consistently disappoint us (I think they have 3 locations with TAP now?)
    Glossing over the LCD, widescreen, and 1 player mode, things that are harder to fix, the 8-way stick thing is just unacceptable. People at every one of their locations have requested the change and as far as I know, not a single location has fixed it. We should probably mass tweet at them and threaten to give them 1-star ratings if they don't listen, because it actually is shitty customer service. What's the point of having TGM if a good player can't properly play it?
  7. I have no idea when they changed it, but the stick seems to be 4-way now. HAPPY NEW YEAR and all that too.
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    If you meant R1 Exton, it isn't. It's as 8 way as ever, sadly.

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