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Thread in 'Locations & Events' started by Ray Ayanami, 12 Dec 2010.

  1. Provided you don't decide to smash 'em up D:
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    Round1 in Taunton, MA picked up a TAP some months back. The downsides are it's 4 credits to play (roughly $1.00?), it's only 1p side (so no Vs or Doubles), the stick is 8-way, and the monitor is a widescreen LCD and the game image is rather stretchy.
  3. Did you address any of that to them? That sounds horrifically bad.
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    I did not! I know others have talked to staff about the stick being 8-way vs 4-way in the past, though.
  5. A Round One also just opened up in Exton, PA. (less than 4 hours ago!)

    It's 75 cents for two credits, also 8-way (from what I can tell, I'm not that hip), also no 2P side, TAP. I live super close, but probably won't be going terribly often until I have more disposable income.

    Hi Boingloing(?) and Kiba, who I met there. At least two of us told staff there we need 4-way, which is a fair amount considering they just opened.



    - Versions: TAP
    - Address: 172 Exton Square Pkwy, Exton, PA 19341
    - Cost: 0.75 USD (for 2 Credits, cannot get just one)
    - Cabinet type: Candy
    - Controls: ???
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  6. Hello from western PA!

    While I'm happy to hear that there's another public copy in our state, Round One has managed to consistently disappoint us (I think they have 3 locations with TAP now?)
    Glossing over the LCD, widescreen, and 1 player mode, things that are harder to fix, the 8-way stick thing is just unacceptable. People at every one of their locations have requested the change and as far as I know, not a single location has fixed it. We should probably mass tweet at them and threaten to give them 1-star ratings if they don't listen, because it actually is shitty customer service. What's the point of having TGM if a good player can't properly play it?
  7. I have no idea when they changed it, but the stick seems to be 4-way now. HAPPY NEW YEAR and all that too.
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    If you meant R1 Exton, it isn't. It's as 8 way as ever, sadly.
  9. the TAP at round1 in grapevine, tx originally had the sticks at 8-way, but fixed them to 4-way in the first week it was open after i asked them to (we were lucky enough to have a tech that gave a shit about the players). unfortunately he's gone now and i'm sure if we asked them to do anything now (like reset the board, all the records are OL GMs and there's no one here than can come close), they wouldn't do it

    still sucks about the lcd/widescreen though. oh well, still managed to get an s9 on it
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    TAP at r1 in exton is still 8-way, but now instead of 3 credits for 2 games, it's 3 credits for 1 game, so now it's twice as not worth playing.

    edit: the stick is set to 4-way now!
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  11. I am not in Finland, but a friend is in Finland for work and found TGM1 at Sugoi in Helsinki. It looks like you just pay an entry fee rather than per credit with the fee being 7 euros on weekdays and 9 euros on weekends. From the photos on their website, they seem to have quite the collection of candy cabs.
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  12. Game Underground near Boston now has TAP set to 25 cents per play in a Blast City with 4-way JLFs! Get it while it's hot!
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  13. Oh, nice! I may have to head up that way next time I'm on vacation or something. Does Jamie still run that place do you know?
  14. Jamie still runs GU, yes.

    Side note: if your Round 1 has a playable TAP, you can get 'time play' for 1 credit every 90 seconds for an hour or more depending on your card level. It works on any green swipe card readers. It's like $8-10 depending on what time it is. It might be a better deal than paying with credits.
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  15. Hi guys, thought UK folk might be interested in a quick conversation I had this afternoon with Andy from Arcade Club.

    They have arcades in Leeds and Bury (the former of which I am planning on visiting for the first time soon). He confirmed they have Atari Tetris, but have TGM on order from Japan. They will be setup in Viewlix cabs at both venues and he said he'll make sure the gates are set to 4 way.

    The arcades are pay to enter, then play as much as you like, and by the look of all the other good stuff in there it could work out a fun trip. When I've been I'll report back - though it would be my first time playing TGM in an arcade so not much of to compare with!
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  16. perfect time for me to be moving to leeds
  17. Do you know which viewlix cabs they're using? If not, could you take a picture of them?
  18. Awesome! I’m just across in Hull so will certainly be making a few visits:)

    No I’ve literally shared everything I know, I didn’t want to pester the guy too much but as soon as I see them I’ll get a photo
  19. i'm gonna be moving in like 20-30 minutes' walk from there! been looking at the game list all night and looking forward to it for much much more than just TGM :)
    by the way, do you know which TGM theyre getting?

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