TGM PCB A/V output formats

Thread in 'Hardware' started by Brandon Arnold, 29 Jan 2015.

  1. Hi all,

    Longtime Tetris lover, here, and I did not know of a hardcore group like this until seeing the captivating kitaru, colour_thief, kevinddr, and qlex a few weeks ago. Seriously, guys, that was fun to watch.

    Over the weekend I ordered (from sophia-corp) TGM, TAP, and TGM3, latter with board and JVC-Jamma I/O. I don't have a supergun yet, but I my goal is basically to digitize the rgb output through a high quality, high res scaler to HDMI for living room pleasure. I am not open to bringing a mammoth decades-old CRT in my 600 sq. ft. shotgun house. It's a very good OLED TV in my living room, but I know scaler quality is going down in TVs these days, and there are very good external ones out there with pretty low input lag.

    Which brings me to the bottom line. Exactly what is the video and audio output specifications for the three games? From what I've seen, I *think* the first two tetris boards are 240p RGBHV through the JAMMA connector, and the third is 640x480 VGA or 480p through the JVC connector. TGM3 audio I'm guessing has either 3.5 mm line level out or again whatever is coming out of the JAMMA connector, but I have no idea for the first two.

    Can someone give me exact specs/protocols on this stuff? Has anyone used the XRGB-mini Framemeister, etc., with them?

  2. Muf


    If you're planning to go straight to HDMI, the Framemeister is probably your best choice. JAMMA outputs 3-5Vpp RGB with composite sync, most European-style superguns will convert that to 0.7Vpp RGB over a SCART connector, which should work with the Framemeister as long as you keep in mind the difference between JP21 SCART and Euro SCART.
  3. Awesome. Thanks a lot. I'm thinking of the Mak Strike supergun. Can anyone vouch for the A/V quality of this one? That just leaves the issue of a Neo Geo output arcade joystick.

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