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Thread in 'Discussion' started by rck, 8 Nov 2008.

  1. rck

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    Hi guys,

    do you know of any "Tetris the Grandmaster" or a clone thereof for Playstation 2?

  2. The closest you can get is the Sega Ages Tetris Collection.
  3. Aw, I expected to hear the story of the lost TGM2.
  4. jujube

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    does anyone have the pic of the guy playing that rare test copy of TGM2 on PS2? somebody linked to it at IRC a while back.
  5. I think that was of mihara testing his new tv
  6. Yeah, one of the things he was testing it with was the finished yet unreleased TGM2+ for PS2.

    DIGITAL Unregistered

    Shall we arrange a raid on mihara's home?
  8. TGM1 was ported to PS1 as well, but was never released due to licensing difficulties.
  9. tgm for ps1 wasn't released because of ttc's then-policy of having only one tetris game per system

    ta for ps2 wasn't released probably due to some penalty given to arika by ttc

    tgm-k was a title on the psp launch release list, but it was never given any information nor was it released

    tgma was released on xbox 360, and while it's the best pure guideline game and it's skinned in Ti-style graphics/sound, it's drastically different and significantly easier than previous games

    and that's all she wrote for console tgm so far

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    Well, I don't know about that. It's awesome in some areas but it's horrendous in others. Regardless of the quality of the gameplay though, I'd say it's anything but pure in terms of the guideline.
  11. Muf


    That's what makes it good. [​IMG]

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    Oh definitely! Arika actually had the balls to do some non-standard stuff that actually challenges the gamer and makes the game more interesting (by guideline standards anyway). [​IMG]
  13. rck

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    So, in a nutshell, buying a Xbox 360 is the only way of getting a "legitimate" TGM. Hmmm.

    What I don't understand: They did try THREE times to do a console version and faced problems all the time. How's that? Like "let's write a game and see, how we can distribute it later?" "No, it doesn't matter we weren't successful two times"?

    I'd like to rephrase my question. I have a X-Arcade Dual-Joystick. While playing TGM DS is great on the Nintendo DS, I sometimes wish, I'd be closer to the "arcade experience" of TGM. That includes using the X-Arcade Joystick. I have adapters for the PS2 as well as for the PC (am running Windows).

    What's the best way of getting a nice TGM experience with either PS2 or Windows? Is there cool fan-software available, which supports the X-Arcade default config out of the box (similar to MAME)? I tried the pulled MAME version, but it lagged terrible and was unplayable.
  14. Muf


    To be more precise, buying a Japanese region Xbox 360 is the only way of getting a legitimate console TGM. If you just want TGM (not for a console specifically), you could look into importing a TGM or TAP PCB, or a Ti kit.

    I would not recommend western style (Suzo/Happ) joysticks (with or without a bat-top) for Tetris play. The TGM series demands speed, which demands a light spring with a ball-top. Look into getting a Hori Real Arcade Pro if you want the original Arcade experience, instead of that X-Arcade thing. Maybe you could even sell the X-Arcade to some unsuspecting buyer.

    Regarding X-Arcade, read my above comment, regarding fan software, check out Texmaster or Heboris.
  15. rck

    rck Unregistered

    Thanks! I won't sell the X-Arcade, I'm quite happy with it (e.g. for shoot em ups, etc). But I can imagine buying one of those Hori Real Arcade Pros as well. I always wondered how you could play fast on a X-Arcade. It's very sturdy, it can take a lot of abuse and is responsive. But really fast it is not...

    Will look into Texmaster and Heboris. Buying a Japanese Xbox360 or even a whole cabinet just for TGM might be too much of a good thing [​IMG]
  16. d

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    No, but there's Sakura Tetris (PS1) ARIKA!
    And Tetris Kiwamemichi PS2, nice tetris game.
    Besides those mentioned

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