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Thread in 'Competition' started by Ai, 10 Jan 2010.

  1. DeHackEd

    DeHackEd green Gm

    Mono GM 10:36.25

    Not bad...

    Edit: broken URL fixed
  2. DeHackEd

    DeHackEd green Gm


    A double-tetrisbravo combo did a small miracle in the last section. Still, all's fair in love and war.
  3. Ai


    Congratulations with the AC and nice score. If I'm not mistaken that bravo combo has bumped your score with over 30000 points. Looking at your time you were playing score attack or just taking it easy.

    All Japanese players are free to post in all my competition threads. I think I mentioned this somewhere before. ^^
  4. For the score attack:

    Gm, 999 @ 11:04:51. 237487 score
  5. score:
    mfm005 281308 12:15:23 GM
  6. Ai


    Nice!! Without bravo?
  7. Thanks, no bravo: only 2 tetris in a row around level 200/300.
  8. COL


    non mais c'est quoi ce score

    have you made a video?
  9. DeHacked: what is the code for mono mode ?
    I tried the one in the wiki many times, but doesn't seem to work.
    Maybe because of mame, dunno ???

    PS: I'll try a score attack on tgm 1 tonight !
  10. Ai



    R = Right
    U = Up

    It definitely works in MAME. Good luck with the score attack.

    Close to perfect tetris play and/or excellent combo skills. And maybe some level stop abuse.
  11. damn, the code doesn't want to work haha
    first try on the score attack

  12. Ai


    Very strange. Do the other codes work? Try on keyboard if you haven't yet and check if all the buttons are properly configured. Also make sure you press C,B and A in that order and not at the same time. But you know that since you play 20G mode. Nice score for a first try!
  13. That's damn odd, 20g code works, bid mode code sometimes doesn't want to work but I never managed to get item mode, mono mode of yuki mod codes to work.
    I'll try on keyboard tomorrow, good idea
  14. Ai


    The codes don't always work the first time for me either, especially when I press the buttons too fast. I haven't used Uki mode in a while now, but it works. Next time I upload a TGM video I'll use this mode. ^^

    Item mode only works in TAP Master and TGM+. When you hear the voice say "READY GO" at the start or a game you need to press B, C and Start simultaneously. If done correctly the word "NEXT" will get a bigger font for a moment. I don't think there's a cheat file for TGM to enable the codes.
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  15. B+C+Start I thought?
  16. Ai


    Ooops, Kitaru is correct. I edited the post. Thanks!
  17. mono mode, first try


    I'll do a 20g mono mode now (no leaderboard for it :p )
  18. mono + 20G

  19. Ai


    I added the MONO 20G leaderboard. Thanks for participating!
  20. Mono mode


    I always thought this mode would be much much much harder for me. Can't believe I get almost the same time as my best without forcing too much.

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