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  1. Long story short, I'm taking a trip to the Tokyo area soon and although TGM isn't on my main agenda list, I figured if there's a TGM3 machine or something near where I happen to be, I might as well give it a whirl, right? Anyways, any idea/reference as to where I can find TGM cabinets in Japan?

    (edit: should note that I'm going to be around Akiba, Shinjuku, Shibuya, etc)
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  2. you should go to pier21, house of the gods :)
  3. Nice timing, I precisely picked up all the known places where you can play TGM in Tokyo, here there are (prices are for one play) :

    PIER 21 (Kodaira)
    TGM x 4, TAP x 1, Ti x 1 (33 JPY)

    EBISEN (Ekoda)
    TGM x 2, TAP x 1, Ti x 1 (50 JPY)

    TAITO HEY (Akihabara)
    TGM x 1, TAP x 1, Ti x 1 (100 JPY)

    SAFARI (Ikebukuro)
    TAP x 1 (50 JPY)

    MONACO (Shibuya)
    TAP x 1 (100 JPY)

    TAP x 1, Ti x 1 (100 JPY)

    CLUB SEGA (Shinjuku)
    TAP x 1 (not sure) (100 JPY)

    TAITO STATION (Shinjuku)
    Ti x 1 (not sure) (100 JPY)

    SPORT LAND (Shinjuku)
    TAP x 1, Ti x 1 (100 JPY)

    BTW, the Masters 50th will take place on 21th of July :)
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  4. Sweet! I'll be gone by the 21st (not that a feeble mortal like me is worthy of being in such company), but I'll definitely make it out to Taito or something. Thanks!
  5. cool list! thanks for posting that. you should list prices if you have them...spending all day playing for 100 yen a pop when you could be paying 50 yen would make a huge difference.
  6. You said ? :p

    Btw, the best places are without any doubts Pier21 and Ebisen. Pier21 is where the Masters are hold, and even if it's something like 40 min far from the center, you will always meet some nice players, and always have a cab free to play. Ebisen is 10 min far from Ikebukuro, clean and calm place.
  7. Greetings from Japan!

    Played maybe 10-15 games of TGM at HEY today. Was great! The joysticks are amazing (I think there's something weird with my stick; it feels different than all the other JLFs I've tried, and the buttons feel different too actually...I think Kitaru can vouch for this as he tried my stick once and found it really weird), and I can tell there's less lag because I was making DAS errors and misdropping because of it xD.

    No good scores though =( Didn't complete master mode on any of the three games, and no Death 500 either. Oh well, it was great to play TGM3 for the second time ever, and get in some no-hold shirase action.

    Edit: Almost forgot, one of the best moments was when I did a clutch tap synchro move at 20G with an I piece, skipping it across column 4 (needed to do it otherwise I'd die). I still suck at fling synchros, but apparently I'm getting pretty consistent at the tap ones xD
  8. I'll be at Pier21 on the 18th for the 68th Masters if anyone in Tokyo wants to meet up.
  9. Great ! 3 gaikokujin ftw !
  10. Who else will be there?
  11. Qlex I hope, you and me. You're not french by chance? :)
  12. Half-Japanese.
  13. Sounds cool, I might have another plan, but I might be in ;)

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