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Thread in 'Strategy' started by XaeL, 17 Dec 2010.

  1. How long to...

    Hi guys i'd just like some answers from some of the more accomplished guys.

    How long did you play before:
    1) Get GM in TGM1?
    2) get 999/999 in TGM2?
    3) get 999/999 in TGM3?
    4) beat 500 torikan in tgm3 shirase?
  2. Re: How long to...

    I haven't kept meticulous records like some people, so you'll have to settle for an estimate, but..

    1) A couple years
    2) A couple years
    3) Haven't done it yet
    4) Haven't done it yet
  3. Re: How long to...

    1. 5 months
    2. 11 months
    3. Around a year and a half, I don't exactly know
    4. 15 months as far as I can tell.
  4. COL


    Re: How long to...

    1) 4 years roughly
    2)few days (however I had previous heboris/tgm1 background)
    3)haven't done yet (that's hard!)
    4)idem (I don't play it actually)
  5. Re: How long to...

    I hope this is just for curiosity's sake and not so you can go all Amnesia on us xD

    from my records.txt, I have:
    Started playing on 6/1/08
    TAP Master S7 999 on 7/19/09
    TexMaster Normal GM 999 (11:31:16) on 5/19/10
    TGM1 GM 999 (11:53:55) on 5/21/10

    So, for TGM1 it took me like 2 years, and TGM2 it took me like 1 year. But of course that's because I started with TGM2(+) and didn't even have a way of really playing TGM besides TexMaster for awhile. Actually, the first time I played TGM was when Kitaru brought it to Fanime, lololol. Before that I was like "what no firm drop? wtf"

    As for TGM3, lolholdpiece.

    This is all stupid though because I only really play death mode. So for TA Death...

    I reached 100 on 6/28/08 (1 month)
    I reached 200 on 7/19/08 (2 months)
    I reached 300 on 9/21/08 (3.5 months)
    I reached 400 on 2/15/09 (8 months)
    I reached 500 on 6/2/09 (1 year)
    Though the 500 was on NDS_TGM. I reached 500 on Texmaster on 11/5/09 some 5 months later, though I was busy doing other things like Typomino which explains the gap.

    Also randomly I like to play with TAP movement on Shirase timings in NDS_TGM. I had a random game that went to level 455 on 3/11/09, which was better than my TAP Death mode record at the time I think, lol.
  6. Re: How long to...

    NDS_TGM doesn't really count for Death mode, because it gives you bonus levels for clearing triples and tetrises.
  7. Re: How long to...

    hence why i mentioned that ;)

    It also lets you do wallkicks with I pieces even in TAP movement mode.
  8. Re: How long to...

    I don't know precisely when I "started playing seriously," so these times are measured from the date on which I first achieved TGM1 S1 -- May 15, 2007. It's probably fair to tack a couple months on, as I might have started playing TGM with more persistence as early as December 2006. I had a brief stint with the game in 2003, but long enough for me to consider it time spent toward these goals.

    1) ~5 1/2 months
    2) ~10 months
    3) ~1 1/2 years (if the first time posted a screenshot here is any indication, although it is entirely likely that I had worse 999s before that I didn't bother to post)
    4) ~2 1/2 years (going off my Special Ti screenshot posted here, but I'm pretty sure I did it on Blockbox before that as well)

    The TGM3 records are kind of crappy indicators of what someone could potentially accomplish, since those are modes I didn't really care to devote a lot of time to thus far. Zircean's 15 months seems more reasonable for a player with similar progression that actually cares about Shirase, haha.
  9. Re: How long to...

    1. six months
    2. 8-10 months (I searched the TAP thread here and it's unclear)
    3. Just under a year
    4. And a bit under 15 months
  10. Re: How long to...

    Oh, and how many hours a day did you guys play? 4-8? or like 1-2?
  11. Re: How long to...

    I played around 2-3 hours a day until I got TGM1 Gm. Then it started going down from there. I don't play nearly as much as I used to now.
  12. Re: How long to...

    First post on 2008/10/07 saying I had "just broken 400 in TAP Master". This took maybe one month after I'd started playing, so I guess you could add a month to each of these dates. When I first started playing TAP I wasn't all that serious about it, so it may have been longer but I hadn't really decided to play it with dedication until after I registered here.
    First TGM1 Gm was 13:29:66 139097 pts on 2009/04/05, about 6 months after my first post.
    First TAP Master 999 was S7 9:46:50 on 2009/07/16, about 9 months after my first post.
    First Special Ti 999 was M7 6:03:23 on 2010/05/17, about 1 year and 7 months after my first post. I did a real TGM3 Master 999 later, during Sakuracon 2010.
    First Sudden Ti 500 break was 599 3:00:91 on 2010/05/04, which is also about 1 year and 7 months after my first post. TGM3 Shirase break was also performed during Sakuracon 2010.

    EDIT: and I doubt I've ever averaged more than 3 hours a day over any period of time. Probably less than that.

    EDIT2: also, first TAP Master M was 8:44:75 on 2010/06/28, roughly 1 year and 9 months after my first post.
  13. Muf


    Re: How long to...

    If you're a sucky Tetris player like me:

    TGM1 Gm: 2.5 years
    TAP 999: 3 years and counting
    Ti 999: 3 years and counting
    Shirase 501: 3 years and counting

  14. Re: How long to...

    Check my sign
  15. Ai


    Re: How long to...

    I started playing TGM 05/01/08

    1) 05/17/09
    2) 05/27/09
    3) Not yet achieved.
    4) Not yet achieved.

    I barely play Ti modes. The first year I played at least an hour of tetris a day on average. The amount then dropped to a few hours a week last year and this year probably not even 2 hours a week. About this year's resolutions... I'll have to do something about this next year. ^^;

    If you want to make some fast progress I sugest you play frequently. I doesn't have to be very long and take a break every now and then.
  16. As you may know, I've long had an interest in how people improve at TGM modes. After getting my TAP Master Gm I was interested to see my personal improvement. I made a little text file with a log of my records in every mode, viewable through here or my sig. Some noteworthy lengths of time:

    First TGM1 Gm to first TAP Master Gm: 22.5 months
    TAP Master first S9/999 to first M: 11.4 months
    TAP Master first M to first Gm: 6.8 months
    Sudden Ti first 500 to first torikan break: 8.7 months :sowsuser:
    TAP first Death M to first Master M: 2.7 months

    Creating this took me about an hour of going through my post history; any other long-time players feel like making something similar? I'd be interested.
  17. We had a similar thread in General a handful of weeks ago: "How long?"

    I drew some of the information for that post there from a log I put together a while ago. Now seems as good a time as any to update that history:

    Sept. 2nd, 2003 - First time playing TGM1. I sucked. If I recall correctly, grades were in the neighborhood of 3 and 4.

    [--No TGM--]

    (At some unknown point no later than December 2006, I started playing TGM again. I have no idea when I hit grade 1 or 2)
    May 15, 2007 - TGM S1
    May 30, 2007 - TGM S3, first 500 break I have a screenshot of
    July 02, 2007 - TAP 1
    July 19, 2007 - TGM S4
    July 20, 2007 - TGM S5
    Aug. 26, 2007 - TGM S7
    Sept. 06, 2007 - Death 300+
    Oct. 07, 2007 - TAP S1
    Nov. 04, 2007 - TGM S8
    Nov. 08, 2007 - TAP S4
    Nov. 11, 2007 - TGM 999
    Nov. 13, 2007 - TGM S9
    Nov. 29, 2007 - TGM GM
    Dec. 31, 2007 - TAP S6
    Feb. 02, 2008 - 20G mode 999
    Feb. 06, 2008 - TGM1 GM sub-13
    Jun. 25, 2008 - Death M (clone)
    Nov. 18 2008 - TAP S8
    Jan. 26, 2009 - Solo Doubles clear
    Mar. 16, 2009 - TGM1 GM sub-11
    Jun. 15, 2009 - M-Roll clear? (clone)
    Oct. 02, 2009 - TAP S9
    Nov. 20, 2009 - Death 900+
    Dec. 06, 2009 - TAP M (twice)
    Dec. 07, 2009 - TAP GM (third M-Roll unlock)
    Apr. 08, 2010 - Ti MK (clone)
    Oct. 24, 2010 - TGM sub-10

    I don't have old screens on this laptop but I'm reasonably confident that everything here is correct. These are also just milestones for now since that's what the log I was building upon had; it should give a good indication of the general progression.

    I couldn't find some things like Shirase 500 break and such. My first 500 hits/breaks were on Blockbox, so I don't really care to figure that all out right now.
  18. I tried to find that thread but I assumed it was in the strategy subforum, haha
  19. I've got a giant records.txt file that has all of my current bests, followed by a very lengthy log that I update whenever I get a new record.

    something like this:
    KeyBlox 40-key 40 lines - 44.034
    Very close to my 10-key time now.  This took an unbelievable amount of tries...
    I don't use hold anymore.  I need to get better at finishing and not choking at the end.
    TexMaster Normal - Lvl 999 (GM) - 11:19:35
    Been working on TGM1 these days, to improve consistency even more.
    Tetris Friends 40 lines - 57.24
    Last minute, for seeding to the harddrop TF VS tourney, lol.
    TGM - Lvl 999 (GM) - 11:50:01
    Only like 4 seconds of improvement 9_9.  I still suck at recovering from mistakes.  I need to work on this a lot more.
  20. Very interesting post.
    Now i understand why i have such problem to get 999 lines.
    My personal record after 1 month of playing is S6 - 812 lines @ 12:19:58 - 01/15/11 but now i really have difficulties to improve my play. I’m playing essentially in 20G mode and i usually lose after 300 lines.
    When i read that most of you guys become GM after 6 months of playing, i feel better. ;)

    Now let’s training again :twisted:

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