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Thread in 'Competition' started by Ai, 6 Jan 2009.

  1. Ai


    I've been participating in as much record threads as possible and I thought it was time to create one myself. I was actually surprised that there was no thread for this mode yet. But then again there has been a TAP Master BIG MODE record thread available for a while now.

    I shamelessly copied Rosti LFC's TAP Master BIG Mode thread to be honest. Feel free to make suggestions for a better leaderboard format.


    To start BIG MODE use the following key combination at the title screen: LLLLDCBA

        Player                 Grade  Level  Time
    1   | Caithness            | Gm | 999 | 08:22:13 |
    2   | Shuey  (NullpoMino)  | Gm | 999 | 10:26:85 | video
    3   | EnchantressOfNumbers | S9 | 599 | 05:32:21 | video
    4   | colour_thief         | S9 | 499 | 07:37:56 |
    5   | rednefed             | S9 | 497 | 04:50:86 |
    6   | NicoFromTokyo        | S9 | 462 | 05:05:63 | video
    7   | Ai                   | S9 | 452 | 03:50:45 |
    8   | JBroms               | S9 | 449 | 04:3-:-- |
    9   | BBQTurkeyzZ          | S9 | 436 | 04:23:26 |
    10  | TWF                  | S6 | 343 | 03:33:41 |
    11  | Rosti LFC            | S6 | 299 | 02:48:90 |
    BIG 20G MODE

    To start BIG 20G MODE use the following key combinations at the title screen: LLLLDCBA and DDDDDDDDCBA

    Player Grade Level Time​
    ---------------------------------------- 1 | JBroms | S9 | 673 | --:--:-- | 2 | iKantu | S9 | 622 | 05:23:78 | 3 | DeHackEd | S9 | 554 | 04:51:78 | 4 | rednefed | S9 | 523 | 04:29:01 | 5 | NicoFromTokyo | S9 | 399 | --:--:-- | 6 | Kitaru | S6 | 3-- | --:--:-- | 7 | Ai | S3 | 204 | 01:50:98 |
    Here are 3 BIG 20G MODE GM videos by the Japanese player SAL:

    Gm in 08:52:98
    Gm in 09:16:65
    Gm in 09:54:33


    To start BIG REV MODE use the following key combinations at the title screen: LLLLDCBA and DUUDCBA

       Player      Grade   Level    Time
    1. Ai           S8      314    03:24:08


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  2. Re: [TGM1] BIG MODE

    S6 (75584) - 299 - 2:48:90

    It wouldn't quite be so annoying that half-steps exist if it wasn't for the fact that every damn block spawns in one.
  3. Re: [TGM1] BIG MODE

    S6, 73250, 273 @ 3:02:06
    1 bravo
  4. Ai


    Re: [TGM1] BIG MODE

    Just now. Half asleep.

    I took needless risks, was surprised by the speed increase after level 250 and missdroped. Really should have gotten S6. Well I'm getting used to this now... ^^

    Should I add the score and number of bravos too? Also, feel free to play this mode together with 20G or other modes. I will be adding the leaderboards when someone submits a personal record.
  5. Re: [TGM1] BIG MODE

    Seeing as score is largely irrelevant and without skill, I'd say that level should be the main thing, followed by time.
  6. Re: [TGM1] BIG MODE

    S6, level 343, 03:33:41
  7. DeHackEd

    DeHackEd green Gm

    Re: [TGM1] BIG MODE

    Today's first-try result of the day is S7 at Lv 362 in 3:19.83, died on a misaligned drop.

    My best record ever is:
  8. Ai


    Re: [TGM1] BIG MODE

    Minor improvement but still no higher grade unfortunately and score is a lot lower than my previous best too.

    I've also been playing some BIG MODE 20G and this is my best result so far.


    Something unbelievable happened just now!

    Nothing special you would say. But the thing is, this is BIG MODE REV!!! WOW am I strange or what (or maybe extremely lucky)?! I think I'll create a new leaderboard seeing as I can't compete in the regular one. LOL!!! ^^


  9. Re: [TGM1] BIG MODE

    2. colour_thief S9   499  07:37:56
    Time is so slow because I was trying my hardest to get many bravos. I only got 2. [​IMG]
  10. Ai


    Re: [TGM1] BIG MODE

    Thanks for your participation! ^^

    I can only get one bravo per game when I'm lucky. And playing slow doesn't seem to work for me.

    This mode is really hard. It seems one needs a lot of luck if you're not extremely skilled. I mean I played 100+ games of BIG MODE and getting S6 was a pain to achieve (most games I get around S3). But on the other hand in BIG MODE REV I managed to get S8 within 20 games or so.

    I might achieve S9 one day, but GM is close to impossible. By the way I've seen BIG MODE 20G GM videos from SAL, but I was wondering if anyone knows of regular BIG MODE GM videos which I would assume is less difficult?
  11. Re: [TGM1] BIG MODE

    S1, 177, 1:30:33, 1 bravo (a single at the beginning, lol)

    I keep killing myself by getting locked in a half-step, and being caught by surprise by the spawns (I'm used to TAP's big mode movement).
  12. Ai


    Re: [TGM1] BIG MODE

    Thanks! This will keep me trying in 20G. ^^

    All bravos I get are after clearing triples with the L or J piece and occasionaly doubles with the T-piece.

    As for half-step misdrops, it happens very rarely now before level 250. And I have yet to play BIG MODE seriously in TAP. I think my best was grade 4 a while ago.
  13. Ai


    Re: [TGM1] BIG MODE

    Improved my 20G grade. Managed to combo my way back down twice when I was about to top out.

    300th post! ^^
  14. Re: [TGM1] BIG MODE

    20G, after my normal-sized Gm for the day:

    S6 (67240), 340 @ 2:47:70
  15. Ai


    Re: [TGM1] BIG MODE

    Very nice and thanks for bumping this thread. ^^

    I did try to improve my regular big mode rank during the weekend, but I didn't manage to get higher than S4. Need more people playing this! ;p
  16. Re: [TGM1] BIG MODE

    This is what I do when I become mad at myself for misdropping with sonic drop.
    Play a game without it.

    Plus this pulls me out from the bottom of the heap.

    S7, 322 @ 3:35:91
    1 bravo

    [Edit] New 20G record. Halfway to SAL. [​IMG]
    S9, 523 @ 4:29:01
  17. Ai


    Re: [TGM1] BIG MODE

    Congrats with your S9. It would be awesome if you could get GM! I'll try to close the gap, but first I need to improve my Big Mode S6. ^^
  18. Re: [TGM1] BIG MODE

    Another bump while I'm on my TGM1 binge.
    S9, 497 @ 4:50:86
    169148 points, 1 bravo
  19. Ai


    Re: [TGM1] BIG MODE

  20. Ai


    Re: [TGM1] BIG MODE



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