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  1. Website of the European Speedster Assembly here :

    Well, it seems that there is a bunch of discussion regarding what's possible to do in Sweden. I am very interested in attending the ESA, given the unreasonable amount of praise that I've received of that event. Since I have TGM 1, 2 and 3 I'm thinking : "hype."

    What do you guys think? I've been told that the planning will surely allow kind of a long run, so we might have a very classic, GDQ-like format to showcase most of the interesting modes.

    More info coming soon.
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  2. If you guys are going there, I'd definitely consider stopping by to see the event from the inside. It's really not TOO far from here.

    edit: Nevermind, seems ESA clashes with the one week where I already have vacation planned
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  3. I was already strongly considering going. If there would be TGM then I would go for sure.
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  4. I submitted an exhibition AGDQ style explaining that TGM1 could be cut off. I sent this video that I did over the weekend, for reference :

    TGM1 TAP master death TI master shirase, usual stuff.

    It was hard to do playing and commentating at the same time, so if it gets accepted, some help would be great. I'll try and exchange as much info as possible with the staff :)
  5. Unfortunately ESA hits the one week I already have other plans this summer :(
  6. Alright, that's a shame. I see I got past round 1 of cuts (and so did @Burbruee ) so I'll actually consider buying tickets soon
  7. ESA would be stupid not to get a piece of what AGDQ got last time. You're sure to go through!
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  8. It's in.
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  9. Congratulations! Really wish I could go :(
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  10. Cool, I live in Växjö so I'll probably swing by.
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