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  1. Good luck today guys! Been really pushing myself on this game lately, and I just got myself a TAP board.

    Damn it this was at 8 AM?!

    Is the schedule messed up?
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  2. Mad props! You all performed absolutely heroically. Thanks for that, guys. B)
  3. Questions:
    - I think KevinDDR or someone else mentioned during Ti Master that the parts of the credit roll are randomized in Ti but not TAP so that the player can't read how much they have left? This is very intriguing and isn't mentioned on the wiki right now.
    - (Might be a stupid question) I wasn't aware TGM4 was actually location tested (i.e. a physical machine was placed in a public arcade somewhere); I thought all we knew about it was from promotions/advertisements and commercial footage. Any shadow of a chance someone would be able to dump the game, since it publicly exists (or existed at one point)?
  4. That was amazing. First try secret GM, first try MM, first try Shirase 1000+, and first try Doubles clear all in a row was great.

    Kevin was corrected, though you might not have heard it; both TAP and Ti randomize the order of the sections of the credits. It's probably not mentioned on the wiki because it's really not a big deal, most people would never even notice because in the invisible roll you're focusing on the active piece and on remembering what your stack looks like, not reading the names in the background. I think basically everyone uses audio cues to know how far they are through the roll.
  5. Great show at AGDQ guys. Congrats.
  6. Thank you so much for putting this all together, Qlex. I'll definitely donate to your plane ticket fund once it's set up.
  7. Congrats, everyone! That was a really great set to watch. My favorite part was how after the huge excitement of the live Master M, the standing ovation, etc, you then announced that it was time to get serious and do a harder mode. Anyway, I loved the presentation order of going from easier modes to harder modes; it just kept people constantly amazed. Wonderful job, and I hope we get some new players!
  8. Really great job guys. Was awesome to see some of the reaction across the internet in the last 16 hours or so for what you guys did. Not sure if we'll see an influx of new people playing TGM now, but I think there's definitely a lot of new respect out there for the people who already play it from those who don't. Great showcase for the game and thanks to you guys and especially Qlex for making it happen. Seems like something a lot of people weren't expecting was going to be particularly gripping and you've blown a lot of people away.

    On what seems like a reasonable assumption you'll get a slot again next year, considering you've been listed as a highlight so far by a lot of people (seriously there's like 7 threads about you guys on /r/speedrun, way more than anything else), would throw a couple of comments personally
    • Maybe prepare a few pointers next time. colour_thief in particular did a great job in my opinion of keeping on top of stuff and making sure a lot of the key jargon and mechanics were explained (most of you did really), but I think if you guys had crib notes on key aspects to bring up and discuss it might have helped keep things a little bit more targeted and made sure all the main bases were covered. For example you guys made a big hype at what was going to happen at Shirase 1000, but nobody (as far as I can remember) really talked much about how Shirase goes to 1300 instead of 999, and in particular nobody mentioned how much of a handicap the [ ] blocks actually are to top players, who rely on the colour of pieces in their peripheral vision to know what pieces are next. Or that at 1100+ he's not really pushing the game any more, that's just the speed you *have* to play at. That said, don't script it or anything; I definitely think the casual style of presentation and talking about things is way better than someone reading about the game off a sheet for a few minutes.
    • STFU when you're actually playing - put in earphones or something if you have to. It didn't really spoil the party or anything, but there were several times when someone playing would have a completely controlled and clean stack, start speaking, and then by the time they were done with whatever they had to say their stack was a complete mess because they were distracted. When there's six of you there to discuss the game and only one person playing there's really not much reason for the person playing the game to be talking mechanics and game concepts rather than concentrating on the job , especially when you're in higher-speed sections of the game (though talking about your play is probably still something to be encouraged).
    • Keep the silence for the tense bits - initially I kind of felt it was a bit awkward when nobody was saying anything because you were all watching the play (and keeping track of M-roll requirements and stuff), but actually I think it added significantly to the drama and the suspense of the game. Kevin's MM and the Shirase run were a million times more tense an exciting because there was absolutely nothing other than what was happening in the game. Definitely keep it in mind next year if you're maybe a bit more relaxed about things that saying nothing makes the exciting bits a lot more powerful (imho anyway) than when there's just chattering over it.
    All in all though it was epic guys, amazing work. And Qlex's mini-orgasm on the stream when Kitaru made the last few moves for the Secret GM was a particular highlight :V
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  9. My recommendation is to explain some things off the bat in a test game. What I typically do when I show people TGM is start a game of Shirase but don't play, just letting the blocks fall/lock until death. Hearing "instant gravity" and seeing that are different. Because during gameplay, a really fast 0G player looks kind of similar, but they can slow down if they want to. I then start one more game, show that pieces do indeed get stuck (which is different than what would happen in 0G). In the same game, I mash rotate button to show it's not Tetris DS in climbing behavior or in lock behavior. They'll SEE infinite rotate isn't a thing. You can then show IRS in a quick suicide game. (Here's me pressing no rotate button. Here's me holding left rotate. Here's me holding right rotate.) In a few minutes they'll understand why it's different than every other Tetris, while also understanding how 20G is actually survivable. Even during Death, there were people (though not a lot) who still didn't really get why it was fast.

    I mean... it's maybe five to seven minutes of no actual gameplay, but some of the races have longer on stream setups.

    People definitely showed up specifically to watch it, though. (I don't even think it was the bump to prime time.) It was 120,000ish before, 140,000ish during, and down to 100,000ish after.

    And congrats on the live MM! I was so happy to see that.
  10. I'm just dropping by to say I watched your AGDQ live yesterday (I would never miss that for the world), and it was very well executed by all of you!! Be proud! ^^
  11. COL


    Not being able to see any part of this is extremely frustrating. If everything goes well , I get my new internet connexion next week but right now streaming is impossible for me.
    Congrats to the players. I need to see that and I can't wait!
  12. Just saw the VODs, the demonstration was really amazing ! It lacked some more explicit information about the two rotation systems and the difference between them, but I think most of the viewers got it when they saw 2 or 3 games. Also, seeing a MM in Ti Master and the secret GM grade really was a treat ! Congrats to everyone !
  13. Great job guys !
    Next year, let's invite 777 kashiwa and Kan :)
  14. Was a great segment. I especially liked KevinDDR's little rant against TTC.

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