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  1. I have 4 questions.

    1-wich cab do i need to play TGM 3.
    2-what are the pieces that i need for the cab to run TGM 3.
    3-where do i put the pieces in the cab to make it work.
    4-or, is there any way to play the original arcade version of TGM 3 on a tv (not on pc with a HDMI cable)

    I would like to have a tgm 3 cabinet (or the real game on a tv) cause i am playing it on pc and i would prefer to play it on a cab.
    Thanks for the answers if you can find some!
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  2. I'll try to answer what I can with my current knowledge base.
    1. The cabinets generally preferred to play any Tetris the Grand Master game are candy cabinets, like the Sega Astro City or Taito Egret. These machines have a profile designed for playing sitting down, typically on a backless stool. There is no dedicated machine for these games.
    2. TGM3 runs on the Taito Type X, which is basically a computer running Windows XP Embedded. Unlike the first two games which use a dedicated arcade board (Sony ZN-2 and Psikyo SH2), the game is installed on a hard drive and requires a dedicated USB security drive that connects to the system (anyone welcome to correct me on this, this was only explained to me once before years ago). This game is exceptionally expensive and very hard to find. See also: TGM Guide
    3. Assuming you do acquire a Taito Type X and TGM3, the cabinet should have dedicated space for its machine to go, along with connectors for the JAMMA harness for the buttons and joystick. I'm not too familiar with the insides of cabinets or with JAMMA at large. This question is a bit broad.
    4. I assume you want to use a CRT television to play the game. You can purchase an HDMI to RCA active adapter to connect HDMI inputs to RCA devices like televisions. Similar adapters exist for DVI and VGA inputs.
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  3. I was thinking about it and i think that i would buy the arcade controller called ''Mayflash joystick f300'' and i would replace the buttons and the joystick with sanwa parts and play it on pc. i would also set the gate of the joystick to 4-way.
  4. mayflash may already have sanwa parts.
    the individual parts are cheap, and playing with different parts is a great joy.
    you may for example try heavier springs

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