Records: [TGM] (20G Code)

Thread in 'Competition' started by herc, 3 Jan 2008.

  1. CPN


    Good advice... I think I'll play without manual locking for a few days and focus on good stacking.
  2. CPN



    20G all clear. Yeah boy.
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  4. Phone was dead and I don't have capture set up in my cab yet, but I finally got my 20g GM!
    13:27:86, score was 134115
  5. S3 599 8:31:XX

    Keeping at it...I think I need to start playing normal runs more often now for the regular Gm.

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  6. S2 @ 05:31
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  8. CPN



    S9 999 11:44:96

    Missed the level 500 requirement. I'll get there.
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  9. FeV


    Gm @ 10:58.05
    Too frustrating to get. Also, if RE medals existed in TGM1, this would be a gold. Such a scary run.
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  10. 12:05.56 GM in fierceblock

    this one's from almost a month ago, i can beat this time now (my PB in regular tgm1 is better atm)
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  11. [​IMG]
    Knocked a minute off of my time.
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  12. [​IMG]
    First sub-12 run, 20g or normal. Pretty happy about this.
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  13. I was working on trying to get better at clearing tetrises in 20G and I managed to get a new pb - Gm @ 11:02:61(video).

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  14. Almost sub-11, very nice! Congrats
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  15. Thanks, I had a time almost 10 seconds faster a little over a week ago, but I missed getting S4 by 500 so it was only an S9.
  16. GM @ 11:37
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  17. Here, have an entry

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  18. [​IMG]
    Also say hello to my cat she likes Space Invaders.
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  19. [​IMG]
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  20. Man, you always look so happy in your achievement photos! It's great to see someone actually enjoying the game for once. ;)
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