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Thread in 'Competition' started by herc, 3 Jan 2008.

  1. I know its nothing special to you, but I greatly improved my 20G yesterday: 664 @ 10:31:20
    My best game so far was around 350, so to me this single game means going to level 999 in a regular game is indeed possible for me.

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  2. Nice! Enjoy your road to teh 999 , hopefully it isn't as frustrating as it was for me ;)
  3. 628 - S4 6:XX
    My first time doing 500+ levels in 20G. Turns out I CAN do it!

    Wasn't fast enough to grab a screen shot

    (PCB )
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  4. 799 - S7 (no clue on the time), KB
    Trying to up my 20G game so I can GM more consistently. Had a totally clean stack up through 6xx, which was rad.
    999, S9, 12:45:71. Just missed S4 at 500, so no 20G GM for me :(
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  5. [​IMG]

    GM @ 09:55:26
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  6. [​IMG]

    GM @ 9:17:13

    Aiming for sub 9min
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  7. I just got my first TGM 20G clear.

  8. [​IMG]
    Hooooooly shit. I had only ever broken 500 once before this. This came totally out of nowhere.
  9. I'm grinding 20G in my efforts to become a TGM1 Gm. Sorry couldn't get to my camera phone as fast:

    Grade 2 - Level 323 - 3 minutes or so?
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  10. I decided to drop back to TGM after spending quite a bit of time in TAP and after not a lot of success in the low gravity I decided to just play a 20g game. I didn't grab a picture of the 20g code sorry, I wasn't expecting to do particularly well. This is also my first clear, so I'm a little bit salty that it was using a code and isn't recorded anywhere but here. This is on MAME in case it matters.

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  11. Yeahhhh a breakthrough! Really proud of this one right now.

    S2 - Level 504 - 8:08:XX
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  12. [​IMG]
    Didn't have my recording stuff running because I didn't expect this to happen (but isn't that when it always does?) So I had to snap a pic. First 20g clear!
  13. S5 / Lvl 822 / 12:28:46
  14. Slower than my regular GM :\

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  15. [​IMG]
    Many thanks to the inspiring words of Bob Ross.
  16. [​IMG]
    Concrete proof that fate is always against me.
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  17. I think close would be an understatement. Good job still!
  18. CPN



    I'm gonna get you, 20G mode....
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  19. That's a fast time for 855 but a low score, you should try to play slowly so you can have more time to secure tetrises and triples (which will, in the end, get you a better time)
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