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  1. I just realised that the speed curve jump @300-500 for shirase is a little unwieldy. Basically i go from manual locking at 000-300 to barely being able to keep up with auto-lock. Also due to short ARE i can't pre-rotate my L/J which makes it harder since i cant do the lock->prerotate button combo


    Is there a way in texmaster to have custom speed curves? namely i'd want to try out 4 frame ARE with higher lock delays, so i'd have intermediary PPS values to train on...

    If anyone knows the hex values so i can just modify the program that would be neat :D
  2. Just an idea, use Shiromino, you can change all the values in the UI very easily... I used it to train at 5G myself but.. yeah still learning!!!
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  3. Xealous

    Xealous Unregistered

    It doesn't have native joystick support but I'll check the input lag
  4. hey xealous good to see you o/

    on the contrary shiromino does have native joystick support :D

    good to see you playing shirase inspired modes -- they're pretty slick
  5. xealolus

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    Just checked, it has native joystick support but the key bindings are hard coded.

    I managed to recompile it with my joystick settings, but lo and behold the gamespeed is wrong, it's running half speed for some reason when i compile it but correct speed in the distributed version ;(
  6. Was working fine when I was recompiling it. Both tex & shiro to be fair!
  7. how did you compile texmaster? i thought the source code is secret.
  8. we should fix the first page .ini error and rehost 2009-3. i've done this.

    No errors detected in compressed data of Texmaster2009-3.zip; but another should check before updating first post... and rehost ))

    we should have 2009-5 in the first post.

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