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  1. Seems like the game_setting.html is a little outdated. You create your player by selecting "New Player".
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  2. The CW and CCW rotations seem inverted between Classic and World in Texmaster. Is this how it really was in TGM3, or is this some kind of bug?
  3. It is not a bug, it emulates TGM3.
  4. I believe the reason for that is that TTC Guideline at the time TGM3 was released specified that the rightmost rotation button had to rotate the piece clockwise.
  5. Ok, thanks for the answer! The clears things up. Still....
    whyyy, TTC, whyyy
  6. I do not recall seeing this question asked yet, but is it possible to get the source of Texmaster? It's got very good TGM emulation, and I'd like to be able to crosscheck Nullpomino's game automaton against what Texmaster does, or spit out more statistics from it... it seems like the development is done by a secret club somewhere.
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    Texmaster is made by Report, who is a member on this forum. There isn't anything secret about it, but I don't think he wants to share the source code.
  8. That's a shame, but having dominion over his creation is definitely justified. For some reason I thought you worked with it too, hence "club". Thanks for the clarification!
  9. Is there a way to adjust the colour palette of the pieces and menus? I'm using the 2009-beta2 download, the most recent macOS-compatible version, and I can't see any way to modify them, so all the text is the same shade of yellow, which becomes a little tough to navigate when looking at replays. And not having all of the pieces be unique colours is naturally messing with my ability to prepare for the next piece without having to focus on the top of the screen for a moment.

    I also watched a replay that had the classic TGM piece sounds, which I have, but I'm not sure what to name each of the files, if someone can let me know.

    Finally, changing the background brightness value in the settings file doesn't seem to do anything, but I imagine I can just jack up the brightness myself in an image editor, so that shouldn't be too much trouble.

    EDIT: Jacking up the brightness not an option, turns the whole image blue when loaded in Texmaster for some reason. So I may have to just live with not being able to easily see the grid lines until I can build a PC and play the newer build or actually emulate.
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  10. I did it by hand from listening to wav files and to youtube videos and trying to know which sound goes where. I haven't taken notes every step of the way (some names are easy to figure out, others not so much). What I do have is a list that says which piece sound is which color:

    SEB_mino1 -> Yellow
    SEB_Mino2 -> Blue
    SEB_mino3 -> Orange
    SEB_mino4 -> Green
    SEB_mino5 -> Purple
    SEB_mino6 -> Cyan
    SEB_mino7 -> Red

    Also, I remember that the file "applehouse" in texmaster is for "applause".
  11. If you're saying everything is tinted yellow, that's a bug. I forget what the resolution was (whether there was a different version that worked on Mac properly, or some sort of workaround on that version in particular -- I think it's discussed somewhere in this thread). The seven pieces should each be a unique color already, but the tint bug would result in some colors looking identical.
  12. Ah, yes, looks like it happens when increasing the resolution beyond the default 320x240. The only workaround proposed was to use the accessibility zoom to play, which, on top of being blurry, is just kind of a pain. Otherwise I have the option of wrapping the EXE in Wine and dealing with input lag. Not sure what I'll do just yet.
  13. Is there a way to have this view instead of this view as default when launching the game instead of having to press F8 every time? I searched and found nothing, the game does not remember my preference upon quitting and I haven't seen this in the ini file. thx :3

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