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  1. Here are my settings, though I'm on Linux 64-bit. You might want to give them a try. Also, you're running 2009-2, I'm running 2009-3, I don't know if there's much difference there.

    ; Aspect ratio 4:3
    ; type=1 FULLSCREEN
    ; type=0 WINDOW
    width = 1024
    height = 768
    type = 0
    offset = 0
    60i = 0
    60p = 1
    120p = 0
    dwm_off = 1
    bgm_volume = 0
    ; bgm_volume = 16
    sound_volume = 1
    samplerate = 44100
    sound_buffer = 512
  2. The ini that came with the build I'm running didn't have a lot of these flags (all of 60i = 0,60p = 1,120p = 0,dwm_off = 1 are missing for example), adding them and/or changing to their values didn't help. I also tried fullscreen. Thanks, though.
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    Well, it doesn't even support the TST (T-Spin Triple), and it seems to have no lock delay at all. Too many missing features:

    https://tetris.wiki/Lockdown - Look at soft drop.

    I didn't know TGM had it's own rotation system (ARS) instead of SRS. Even though I'm used to SRS, I don't know if it's possible to do TST with ARS.
  4. T-spin triples are impossible with ARS, but from a SRS player's perspective, even more intuitive SRS rotations are impossible in ARS.

    Do you mean that in Texmaster's world rule you can't do TSTs? SRS is unfortunately not very considered in the community because of how the leniency affects some simple rotations (I think we've all had moments trying to get a line piece into the well in vain), so it's possible that it has been overlooked, but I'm not so sure about that.

    If you mean ARS has missing features in and of itself, then aside from the rotations, sonic drop (up) actually does not lock the piece right away, which is a regularly used move in early games.
  5. Yeah Texmaster's SRS support is completely broken. Honestly, though, who cares? The ARS implementation is perfect and why else would you be playing Texmaster?
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  6. World TGM1 GM :p
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  7. I have a strange bug with Texmaster. It seems like 2 games are playing at once (I see one game, but I seem to hear a second game running in the background). Does anyone know how to fix it?
  8. Check your control settings -- it's possible you may have conflicting key bindings for player 2 which cause the 2P game to start as you are playing your 1P game.
  9. I changed the settings, and I think that might have fixed it. If I have any more issues, I will post again. I think that was the issue though.
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  12. I've been playing a bunch of Texmaster version 3 the past week or two (getting back into TGM1 but don't want the input lag in MAME & my PCB is still at Kevin's) and I've had an alarming number of repeated O blocks. It seems like I get 3 in a row at least once a day, and I even had 4 in a row a few days ago. In isolation, this wouldn't seem odd, but it's been at least half a dozen times with just the O block. The most I've gotten for any other block is two in a row.

    Is there a known problem with the seeding or randomizer in version 3? This strikes me as wildly improbable otherwise.

    Gonna check out the new version now!
  13. Well instead of key_type_pl1, you'll get instead player1. Check the ini file by yourself. I fixed mine already.
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  14. Small piece of news, it runs on the raspberry pi!

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  15. Just got a strange bug with a replay; after getting a 255 on death, and replaying it, there seems to be a desync issue(I would guess with the first piece, but not sure), a video of the error is on

    This was on the latest version as of August 2016, however. Was this fixed in a later version?
  16. Hey Sinewave, great job and thanks for sharing! I wondered which version of Texmaster it was when I saw your screen shots. Will download when home.

    Congrats on improving your PB yet again!
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  17. I'm sorry if this has been addressed before. I searched the last few pages and couldn't find anything on it. I just recently downloaded Texmaster2009-5.7 and I attempted to add my player name to Texmaster2009.ini as instructed in the game_setting.html file, but my name still doesn't show up when I launch the game. All I get is Guest and New Player. Is this a bug?
  18. Seems like the game_setting.html is a little outdated. You create your player by selecting "New Player".
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  19. The CW and CCW rotations seem inverted between Classic and World in Texmaster. Is this how it really was in TGM3, or is this some kind of bug?

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