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    that worked thanks.
  2. I have had this same problem and fixed it by running Texmaster2009.ubuntu.10.04.amd64 and copying Texmaster2009.ubuntu.10.04.nv to Texmaster2009.nv and Texmaster2009.ubuntu.10.04.sav to Texmaster2009.sav.

    I didn't look too hard at what the problem was but I assume the files it comes with are only loadable with the 32-bit binary.
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    Hey, does anyone have a re-host of texmaster?

    I tried dl but link is broken?
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    Nvm. went back one page and foudn the links..
    Thanks guys!
  5. Sorry to dig up these old replies in this thread. I was wondering if anyone had ever discovered any info on this? I'd LOVE to add the original Tracker tunes to my Tracker collection... if that is indeed what the source of the music is :)
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    has anyone come across a glitch where the "left key" is held down constantly?

    I have attempted to replace my .ini several times but somehow I am still getting this issue. When I set the left action to arrow left or even a seperate key, the issue still continues.
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    I wonder if there is any chance the randomizer will be recoded for TI modes. since we now know it's not the same as TAP. (rolls are from a 35 piece bag, and pieces rolled and taken out of the bag are replaced with the least dealt piece, even if they are rerolled after. the new randomizer is even kinder then TAPs 6 rolls)
  8. Is it known that this game crashes like crazy when you play Doubles? It's really fun when it works, but I'm not sure if finishing a game of Doubles is possible on the current version of Texmaster.
  9. It's been noted, I think some people have completed it, but when you clear it the timer doesn't stop iirc
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  10. mac download? >.<
  11. Hey everybody :D
    First post, woo!!!

    With that out of the way, I was wondering if anybody would be kind enough to help me out.

    Hopefully this is the correct place to post this, and I apologize if this has been answered before -- I really couldn't find a similar thread where it was answered, but then again, I'm not great at sifting through forums :\
    Okay, so, I am trying to customize Texmaster to be more TGM visually and aurally. Texmaster is absolutely fantastic as is, especially for being purely fan made, and it's to my understanding that it's the most faithful (mechanically) to the TGM series. So far I've been able to customize Nullpomino to appear like TGM1 -- bgs, sound, and music -- which I'm loving, and now I'm attempting to do the same for Texmaster (note: not the official music or sounds, but those that I could find that seemed the closest). Nullpomino and Heboris are also great games that I'm enjoying a whole lot of, and I have no desire to alter Heboris because I actually quite like its initial aesthetic, it's just the fact that Texmaster is the best TGM clone that I want to take it upon myself to modify it as I've done with Nullpomino -- and, well, the default assets can be a bit distracting (that's really beside the point, since gameplay should matter more).

    Before going any further, I suppose this the best spot to stop reading and just let me know if the answer is a simple 'no, it can't be done'. But if it's possible, then please continue.

    The version I downloaded is the first link in the original post (2010/05/01 - Texmaster 2009 Version 3 (SDL-1.2.14). The backgrounds were a piece of cake to change, so no problems there. On the other hand, I've had no success with changing the music and sounds (only attempted music but I feel I'd get the same results with sound). In the Tetris Concept wiki for Texmaster, I was instructed to use .wav files with specific file names and to put them in the /data/bgm/ directory. In the /data/ directory, I also changed the corresponding values referenced in the "data.html", "pcm_list.txt", and "special_loop.txt" files to reflect the file name of the new song file I was replacing with the old song file. (in this case, changing tm2_1.adpcm [original file] to tm2_1.wav [new song]). When I went to test this method, there would be silence in-game during the mode I changed the music for. When I press F7 for sound test, the new file is there (tm2_1.wav), and it will play, but it is just silence. I've tried converting .wav and .mp3 files with a myriad of different PCM encodings and bit ratings, including the Microsoft ADPCM encoding, all of which resulted in .wav files. When I played them in my media player, they would play fine, and it gave me the correct encoder the music file was encoded with (for example, Microsoft ADPCM). Tried those .wav files, same process as before, and I'd either get the same result as before (silence in-game and in sound test, but the game was reading the file), or the file wouldn't appear at all in Texmaster (as in, tm2_1.wav can't be found in sound test). Am I missing a file where the sound file is referenced else and need to change it there as well (aside from data.html, pcm_list.txt, and special loop.txt)?

    That's when I thought to myself maybe I need to make the file an ADPCM file (with the .adpcm extension, that is). From my research it seems like this file format is used in game applications because of the way it divides a song into blocks (blocks? seems ideal for Tetris already :V) which can be used as loop points. I tried to create an .adpcm file with my audio conversion software and Audacity, but neither have that option. After more research, the best I method I could find was using the AdpcmEncode.exe command line tool from the DirectX SDK. I used it to convert a .wav file into a .adpcm file (I've tried with 32, 64, 128, 256, and 516 sample blocks). I tested each file one by one in Texmaster, and I would get the same issue as before: the game would read and play the file both in-game and in sound test, but just silence. That's pretty much all I've tried so far. Right now I'm thinking about messing around with the Microsoft Cross-Platform Audio Creation utility from the DirectX SDK to create .adpcm files from that and see if this process creates .adpcm files that will play correctly in Texmaster. I don't know what coding architecture Texmaster was written with and what methods are viable with that in consideration, but I'm trying anything and everything I can think of regardless. Is it even possible to modify Texmaster now? I couldn't really find any forum posts that went into detail of modding it or distributing modded Texmaster versions (at least with links that aren't dead, that is). I've seen modified versions on YouTube, but I don't know what version of the game they were running. Was audio customization phased out on this latest version? Do I have to give up on my dreams of making a TGM mod for Texmaster? There is some strange trait I have that can't let things go until I know for certain I've done all that I could or until I succeed, so whenever I play Nullpomino / Heboris, or open up my web browser and see a tab with ADPCM research, it just reminds me and that trait I have makes me stop whatever I'm doing to keep trying and researching new methods -- I guess I have an obsessive work ethic, lol. Playing Nullpomino and Heboris in the meantime is fun; the former is the one that attracts me the most since its ease of modding and it is friendly with my XBOX360 MadCatz arcade stick -- Heboris is not so nice, I have to use autohotkey to remap my POV hats to key strokes because otherwise it is always holding left and up, which isn't the case for Nullpomino or Texmaster. But for the most part, Nullpomino and Heboris are running how I want them. I really want to add Texmaster to the games I have nothing else I want to change or need to change, and I'm sure I can just mute the game entirely and use a media player in the background, but that obsessiveness I have makes me want to do everything I can for a project before I call it quits. Guess I'm gonna have to deal with it for now and rock with the default music and Counter Strike(?) sound. I'm willing to try whatever suggestions you have within reason, even if that means editing the source code and recompiling it (okay, maybe not that far, haha). But do keep in mind that I have an average understanding of technology with a modest laptop, so I may or may not be able to try or accomplish absolutely everything (I'm not going to fall for 'delete system32' again, though).

    Sorry for the really long post. I figured it would be worse if I was one of 'those' people that post "halp. how change muzik to lil t's fire mixtape? thx :3"; I mean, at least I explained how I tried to get Lil' T's fire mixtape on Texmaster....
    Thank you for taking the time to read, and I appreciate any and all help I can get. ^^
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  12. Wow, indeed, that was long xD
    Lastest version doesn't use .wav files, so don't edit pcm_list.txt
    You need the adpcm encoder, which is included with Texmaster Version 2 Beta 3.
    There you'll have adpcm.zip, unzip it. Move your wav files into that folder where you have adpcm.exe and adpcm folder.
    Just drag and drop your wav file into adpcm.exe and you'll have the .adpcm file which you now can use with lastest Texmaster version.

    By the way, my customized Texmaster version is the best, it has all sound and music (even looped), but yes, I cannot share any links here.
    So, if you want it, just send me a PM.
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  13. Okie dokie! I was going to be embarrassed if the answer was something obvious but I was overlooking it somehow because I tried really hard with various methods on my own with no luck, haha.
    I'm glad I save myself from 'some' embarrassment and that I was pointed in the right direction. I'm going to try out your suggestion and edit this post with my results so I don't risk making a double-post.
    Thank you very much for the swift reply and help :D

    Alright, I have tried the method that nahucirujano suggested and it worked! Woo :awe:
    I've only tried one song, but I think it is safe to say that it's going to work for whatever I throw at it. I'm happy that I know what to do now, but part of me is curious as to why this specific method of creating .adpcm files allows Texmaster to read the files properly as opposed to the methods of creating .adpcm files I tried in the past. Don't feel obligated to answer this question, I'm just thinking out loud, really, haha. As for changing the sound effects, I'm guessing it's the same process? Drag and drop the .wav into the adpcm.exe and swap the new file for the old one in the /data/sound/ directory? That's the method I'm going to try first. (edit note: yep, this method worked for sound)

    Considering other users might run into this problem, wouldn't it be wise to update the Texmaster wiki entry with the correct method of changing music and sound? I don't know, I'm not sure if it's that big of a deal, but I'm thinking about the possibility of other users in the future that might run into the same problem I had. I guess my forum post here will be enough help to get them the right answer *shrug*.

    In any case, I appreciate all the help! Now I'll be on my way to cooking up some fun mods for Texmaster, hohoho :sneaky:
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  14. I think something about the ADPCM format or encoding in Texmaster is somewhat custom and doesn't conform exactly to existing formats (i.e. MS ADPCM, IMA ADPCM). So, you have to use the supplied executable to generate the expected format.
  15. Have texmaster running fine on my archlinux, (latest version of texmaster) but it doesn't read the .ini at all. The first time I started it up the terminal showed "Can't open file. (1003)" but since then it doesn't print anything to the terminal any more.
    Doesn't seem to be a permission thing, tried to change permission of the ini and the entire folder just to be sure but no.. it doesn't read the ini.

    Does it look for it in another location? Does anyone know? Would really enjoy a larger window than 320x240 on a 1080p monitor.. and change the default controls.
  16. Were you able to get it working from the AUR? I ended up having to make some changes, that I no longer remember to get it running.

    It looks like ~/.texmaster/data is a symlink to /opt/texmaster/data and ~/.texmaster/Texmaster2009 is a symlink to /opt/texmaster/Texmaster2009.

    My ~/.texmaster/Texmaster2009.ini has permissions "-rw-r--r--".

    Also, my /usr/bin/texmaster looks like this:

    # Small Texmaster 2009 startup script by p2k #
    if ! [ -d "$HOME/.texmaster" ];then
        mkdir -p "$HOME/.texmaster"
        cd "$HOME/.texmaster"
        ln -s /opt/texmaster/Texmaster2009
        ln -s /opt/texmaster/data
        cp /opt/texmaster/Texmaster2009.ini .
    cd "$HOME/.texmaster"
    ./Texmaster2009 $*
    I hope that helps
  17. Actually I just downloaded the zip from the first post here, extracted the 64-bit ubuntu binary and made it executable (expected it to not work) but actually the game starts and plays absolutely perfectly except for the fact that it doesn't read the config.

    Figured maybe it reads the name of the binary and adds ".ini" to it, but renaming the ini to Texmaster2009.ubuntu10.04.amd64.ini didn't work either. Interestingly enough is that if I rename the binary to just Texmaster2009 then I can see for a split second that it creates a 640x480 window (so appears to read the config?) but then instantly crashes with

    [burbruee@arch Texmaster2009-3]$ ./Texmaster2009
    terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::bad_alloc'
      what():  std::bad_alloc
    Avbruten (SIGABRT) (minnesutskrift skapad)
    EDIT: Ok, extracted the 32-bit binary instead and renamed it to Texmaster2009 and it works fine, reads the config and I'm happy. :)
  18. That's because Texmaster2009.ubuntu10.04.amd64 reads Texmaster2009.ubuntu10.04.ini, and NOT Texmaster2009.ubuntu10.04.amd64.ini as you would expect.
  19. hello all, been playing TGM for awhile, unfortunately I've only been able to play in MAME thus far, however I figured I'd try this out. It was a great idea, there seems to be much less input lag than MAME. I'm running ubuntu 15.04 and have both 32 and 64 bit running on my system, however I'm experiencing a minor, but annoying, issue; when I press up to sonic drop a piece sometimes it seems to drop my input, it's really disorienting and has caused me to make many mistakes I normally wouldn't have made. All other inputs seem to be fine except that one, it may have to do with my driver (I'm running an AMD Radeon HD R7770 with the open source radeon driver, I can't get fglrx to work properly with it for some reason) on another note there does seem to be a slight lag when the line clear animation happens, I'm not sure if that has to do with the speed of my system (I'd guess not, I can run much more intense applications and games without issue) I'll keep testing and see if I can get these issues resolved

    EDIT: tried the game in wine, there were no input issues anymore but the game seems to be back to the MAME timing (basically there's now more input lag)
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  20. Hey guys, trying to get the latest version of Texmaster that's meant to work on OS X to work on my machine.

    It's not using the bundled SDL.dll of course, so I just plopped SDL 1.2 into the Frameworks directory and the game started up.

    Here's the weird thing. Before I renamed the ini file to the proper name, the game loaded in a tiny window and seemed to render correctly. After renaming, and making sure the renamed ini was read (I can play the game, but it's a bit slow and clunky) - the game looks like this:

    Tried looking at and changing a bunch of video settings in the ini, to no avail. What do?

    EDIT: The in-game metrics show that I'm getting 15/60 fps roughly, and the "speed" is fluctuating between 100-115%. That's already weird.

    EDIT2: I just saw someone else in the thread was having this same problem, and zero fucks were given. I guess there's not much hope here, huh?

    EDIT323245: Tried with the tiny 320x240 that the game apparently defaults to, and it works great then. Bah.
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