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  1. My brain thought cs_assault and my hands typed cs_inferno (sic) -- I'll correct that in a moment. :p
  2. A-OK LOL.

    Yeah, it looks like cs_assault :)
  3. Recently I stopped holding out on upgrading from 10.6 and now with 10.8 I'm getting this same problem. I'd run the windows build in VM but the way it plays doesn't feel as smooth. In fact, on my PC it feels the same way.

    Maybe OSX was the one running wrong? I dunno.
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  4. Workaround for the scaling issue on OSX:

    Run at 320x240, then use the Accessibility Zoom feature to scale up.
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    Is Texmaster still being updated? I'm also getting the yellow-tint color issue, on os x 10.7.4
  6. If anybody had the problem on Linux with the Texmaster2009.ubuntu10.04.amd64 binary that the settings weren't applied, you just need to rename the .ini to Texmaster2009.ubuntu10.04.ini. It seems like this didn't get changed back to Texmaster2009.ini.

    Sorry if that got posted already, I didn't find anything skimming through the thread or googling.
  7. Hmm, unfortunately it's been some time since the last update, and I don't think it's likely to have corrections really early.

    By the way, is it possible to modify the code? I tried and couldn't find the file. I might be interested in touching it a little bit
  8. K


    unfortunately i think it's not possible..
  9. Welcome, Espresso. :) Thank you for the interesting link!

    Report hasn't returned for some time, so it is unknown if there will be future versions. So, the World problems may not ever be fixed.

    Can you elaborate on problem #4, though? Also, #4 just for World or also Classic?

    EDIT: Whoops, looks like I was a bit late in my reply. :p

    @Qlex: Source code was not included. Technically, you may be able to make some changes from disassembly, but it wouldn't be easy.
  10. I really hope someone can eventually track down the Source Code... Apple has this really bad habit of coming up with new APIs, and throwing away the old ones. Its probably going to end up becoming completely unplayable on OSX in the future.
  11. Has anyone been able to view replays recorded with a linux binary using the windows executable?

    On the latest version, all I get is "NOT SUPPORT DATA" and empty lines where my games should be. New runs played with the .exe get appended correctly.
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    While I usually run an older version (2009-1) this is exactly the method I use to make AVIs since the Linux version has no encoding support.
  13. Alright so it looks like it's just that particular replay file. Maybe deleting entries renders it untransferable.

    With a fresh copy of 2009-3, I was able to open saves that were played on linux in windows.

    Addendum: But 2009-3 didn't work for long. 2009-1 is the way to go to achieve this.
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  14. Updated some mirrors on my server as I noticed currently no links in the first post work. They should stay up this time.

    http://tetris.ettfyratre.se/Texmaster2009-3.zip (61.9 MB)
    http://tetris.ettfyratre.se/data.zip (58.2 MB)
    http://tetris.ettfyratre.se/data.7z (20.0 MB)

    Older versions:
    [2009-10-22] http://tetris.ettfyratre.se/Texmaster2009-2.zip
    [2009-10-12] http://tetris.ettfyratre.se/Texmaster2009-2beta3.zip
    [2009-07-05] http://tetris.ettfyratre.se/Texmaster2009-2beta2.zip

    [2009-06-28] http://tetris.ettfyratre.se/Texmaster2009.zip
    [2009-03-28] http://tetris.ettfyratre.se/world_test_1.zip

    [2008-10-24] http://tetris.ettfyratre.se/Texmaster2009-1.zip

    Feel free to update first post.
  15. Just installed Windows Server 2012 on a new personal machine and I'm finding that texmaster 2009-3 (as well as 2009-1) gives me a quick black window and then exits, with no output to stderr.txt or stdout.txt. I've tried running a different SDL app and that's fine. Anyone had issues with TexMaster on something like Win 8?
  16. I'm playing Texmaster 2009-3 in Win8.1 just fine.
  17. Muf


    What about windowed mode?
  18. I've been trying with windowed mode. Actually, trying in fullscreen mode gives me a crash dialog with an APPCRASH message. Have tried compatibility modes as well. Going to have a friend try on his ws2012 machine to get a sanity check.
  19. I'm trying to get texmaster to run in Archlinux but I get this error:

    $ ./Texmaster2009 
    terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::bad_alloc'
      what():  std::bad_alloc
    I looked at the arch pkgbuild script for it that is outdated and there doesn't seem to be anything dependencies I'm missing.
  20. xenphor, I tried downloading the latest build, Texmaster2009-3, and I got the same error when trying to run the 64-bit Linux binary. Though when I try the 32-bit binary it actually works fine, but you have to install 32-bit libraries, like SDL 1.2.x (lib32-sdl).

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