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  2. Haha yea I was probably the one Kitaru was talking about that had the same problem. Curiously enough, in fullscreen I've only gotten it to work with 640x480 resolution. even MORE curiously, even when the normal game looks fine, the replay selection screen is still all yellow-y. weeeird. Kinda fun to play with green and dark red blocks once in a while though =P
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    Just got this running well with 2 joysticks. It feels good!

    Please continue your development!
  4. Nope, different Mac user friend. :)
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    The first post has now been updated (finally). A lot of the mirrors had gone dead (cdsboy's, meroigo's, mushrooms... and others'), so for the time being I've just given links to lee_n's mirrors; I'll add in burbruee's later. Any suggestions/complaints, let me know.
  6. Hello guys. ;)
    How are you? :)

    Look, this is an strange bug/problem with one of the sound effects, the next one:
    danger.adpcm: which it´s suppose to be the sound that you hear when you are working at the top of the playfield... Am I right?? Well, I have the sound, I converted it to adpcm and put it into the sound folder...

    But in game, the sound doesn´t seems to work, at least in game...
    If I press F7 to test sounds/music, the danger.adpcm sound works, but it doesn´t stop, I have to stop it pressing Button B.

    Any answer to fix this problem?
  7. K


    Here come a new challenger !
  8. yes!
    if the wallkick problems of WORLD can be fixed, SRS players will rather play Texmaster instead of Ti due to the input lag.
  9. K


    Apparently TWF know how to change block shape and color ?
    i would like ancestor block shape more acurate... :)
  10. I kinda figured it out, but the game likes to break if you do it wrong. I'll try to get you something.
  11. K


    oh !
    thank TWF, i didn't knew it was so simple... i though it was something related with te .dat format..
  12. Hi guys, how are you? :)
    I wanted to ask you if you have any idea of how to change the Medals model of Texmaster, I mean the file "medal_chip.bmp".
    I don't use the default file, I have replaced it by the DIGITAL Termino Velocity's pack "medal_chip.bmp" file.
    But I would like to have medals like TGM3's: "medal.bmp".
    But I don´t know how to do it...
    And I noticed that DIGITAL is "unregistered" in tetrisconcept... :S
    So, does anybody have any idea?


  13. DIGITAL does not belong to the humanity, he is a machine! :biggrin:
  14. Hiya Folks,

    Long time, no type.

    About a year ago I started playing Counter-Strike (as well as Counter-Strike: Condition Zero). Since the background images for Texmaster are all screenshots from Counter-Strike, I was wondering specifically which maps they were from?

    Just a-wondering...

  15. I believe they're from CS:S, de_dust2 to be precise. I hope someone can confirm this.
  16. I hadn't realized that they were from Counter-Strike: Source. That would explain why I hadn't seen those areas in the versions that I play (regular Counter-Strike v1.6 and Counter-Strike: Condition Zero).

    Although, in CS and CS:CZ, de_Dust2 has no areas at all that look like the background images for Texmaster (paved roads, sidewalks, etc...).
  17. The maps in CS 1.6/CZ and Source are the same, but there may be some visual differences that make it a bit harder to match up.

    I believe the map with the traffic pylons and fire escapes is cs_assault. That should be the 0-99, 100-199, and 200-299 backgrounds.

    I'm not sure about the power lines background used for 300-399.

    400-499, 500-599, and 600-699 look like de_aztec.

    700-799, 800-899, and 900-999 look like de_dust2.
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  18. This should be de_aztec:
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    This is de_dust2:
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The rest I don't know.

    Edit: Damn it, Kitaru beat me to it :)
  19. Thanks for the info, guys :)

    As far as the background images with the traffic pylons and fire escapes, I don't think it's de_Inferno... the pics look too 'modern big dirty city-ish' to me <grin>.

    Anyhow, it's rather neat to remember those background images, after I actually started playing CS and CS:CZ about a year ago.

    P.S. For anyone interested:


    ...and our meager little CS/CS:CZ/DoD (and sometimes Quake 2, and StarCraft Brood War) clan:



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