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    Rich, if you want to use SRS, to be honest you'll be better off with Eirstt or NullpoMino. SRS implementation in Texmaster is still preliminary and contains quite a few inaccuracies. As far as I know, Eirstt and Nullpo are currently the only 2 fan games that implement Arika's World rule, as well as true guideline SRS correctly; even LockJaw contains tepples' own alterations to the kicktables that make it behave differently to the official games.
  2. Thanks for the info and suggestions, guys :)
  3. Another BGM related question:

    The last version of Texmaster that I had downloaded (before recently downloading the latest version) was dated May 18, 2008 (I'm not really sure what version that was).

    Anyhow, I noticed that in that older version (as well as other older versions) of the game that the original "BGM_TM1_1" music ("BGM_TM1_1" as displayed on the BGM test menu screen) isn't included with the latest version's data files ( http://nihon.se/data.7z ).

    Is there another music pack download available that contains that tune, or was it simply removed from the game (in the case of the older version(s), contained in the "Texmaster2009.dat" file)?

    Just a-wondering, as I really liked that tune! :)
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    Why was it gone? Did a third party make a copyright claim on it?
  5. No, they decided to make a new Music A. There is a song later on (Music... D?) that uses a motif from the old first tune, so they probably added a song to make the soundtrack a bit more diverse.
  6. Where does the Texmaster music come from, anyway? Is it taken from Counter-Strike like the backgrounds and sound effects, or from somewhere else entirely?
  7. The menu and credits music are classical guitar pieces -- at least one of which was used as a ambient sample in Counter-Strike. The credits tune is Mauro Giuliani's op.120 Rossiniana 2, which is guit1.wav in the map cs_italy. I have a hunch the other guitar tune can be found in Counter-Strike's assets somewhere as well, but I don't know where it would have been used if so.

    The rest, I presume, are original or came from a public domain MOD archive somewhere. Perhaps we should investigate. :)
  8. I'm quite curious myself as well. I've always thought that a lot of the Texmaster music sounded 'Tracker-ish' to me... especially the music for the newer versions. If so, I'd love to know the source (and possibly be able to download the original Tracker tunes as well) :)
  9. I installed the latest ubuntu, 9.10. Every Texmaster release from Texmaster2009-1 onward seg faults, and crashes. The sound distorts heavily in wine, so I don't want to play there.
  10. Texmaster in Ubuntu 9.10 64-bit didn't segfault for me, but the graphics were severely squished in the vertical direction, making it unplayable.
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    If you have access to an older version of SDL, try replacing your current install with said older version (or LD_PRELOAD the older .so file) and try again. Fedora 10 SDL works with texmaster, 11 and 12 don't

    Which may be a good place to get said old copy of SDL
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    Is there any easy way to extract or just view the list of the game time we performed on m roll (special - 999 VOID).
    The only one thing I have on my list of replay is a ton of special games all at 000--00-0:00:000::00--0-0

    I wish to get easily my time records and put it on EXCELL to get some graphic of my improvement.
    I am just too much lazy to write each attempt on a paper.
    Thank you !
  13. [​IMG]


    I'm guessing this is a known bug? (this is after dropping an S above row 20 and downstacking)
  14. Muf


    Yes that's a known bug, but that's also a very old version of Texmaster you're playing.
  15. I tried one the newer versions a few months ago, but they kept crashing... And this older copy worked. =/ I just downloaded the newest release, though, and it worked
  16. Personally, I would recommend the older "Patch 1" version from 2008 over the newer ones. I've found it to be far more stable, and also video recording appears to be broken in new Texmasters.

  17. Yeah, Texmaster has gone downhill since it added SRS :V
  18. Zing!

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