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    I have the exact same problem as Budster with the latest version. Everything works fine in the previous beta. And the game crashes which never happened before. I'm running Windows XP Pro SP3.

    And thanks for the links Burbruee!
  2. Sorry, I've had this problem since the day Report released beta2, but never reported it as a problem.
    Can't get BGMs to work either, but I didn't really care that much so I decided to play without them. Also sometimes (not common) the application freezes before ready..go
  3. Deleting the "cache" folder might help.
  4. Ai


    I got it working earlier this morning by using Digital's Termino Velocity pack which you can find somewhere on his Youtube account. The pack is 322MB big and has outstanding sound, music and graphics. I highly recommend it. Just watch the videos he uploaded to his Youtube account to see if it's suits your tastes. There is a .txt file with instructions included.

    But you don't have to download it to solve the problem. Like Deeem2031 already mentioned deleting everything in the "cache" folder will solve your problems. Just copy your bgms in the "data" folder, delete the contents of the "cache" folder (don't delete the folder itself!) and everything should work fine the next time you start the game.

    Oh and no more crashes either. ^^


    I'm unable to record replays like in the previous versions. Does anyone else have this problem?
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  5. Hello,

    I try to use it on ubuntu, but I don't find how must I do ?
    Somebody can explain me ?
    Thanks ;)
  6. You have to right-click on the executable and pick Properties, then go to the Permissions tab, and enable executing the file as a program. (Or something like that; I don't have Ubuntu installed right now to check the exact instructions.) Or you could run it from the command line.
  7. Hello,
    Thanks, it's OK, now I can start texmaxter, but keyboard doesn't work.
    Up, down, right and left doesn't work... I try modify type 0, 1 or 5, but nothing...
    It's ok with windows.

    I try to use it with ubuntu 9.04 in french.
  8. K


    Texmaster input config don't work properly :
    key a,s,d,f aren't recognised !!?!

    key_type_pl1 = 5
    key_type_pl2 = 2
    ; w a s d j k l ;
    key_type5_up = 273    (UP)
    key_type5_down = 274  (DOWN)
    key_type5_left = 276   (LEFT)
    key_type5_right = 275  (RIGHT)
    key_type5_a = 97    (A)
    key_type5_b = 115   (S)
    key_type5_c = 100   (D)
    key_type5_d = 32    (SPACE)
    ; ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
    Any solution (running on XP) ?

    Edit : ok inversion key between AZERTY and QWERTY config, A = Q

    still no line count during m-roll (>;_; )>
  9. Hi everybody!
    I`m Nahuel, how are you people?
    I`m from Argentina
    Well, I just want to say to you that I`m so glad for all these releases.
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  10. DeHackEd

    DeHackEd green Gm

    Umm, distributing someone else's (in this case, Arika's) intellectual property without permission constitutes copyright violation. It's a scaled back, but still applicable, reason of why we don't distribute game ROMs either. Also, RAR sucks.
  11. What DeHackEd is not quite clear in saying there is you should remove the link from the post, on account of legality issues.

    Not that we're particularly against this sort of thing as a community, but we are against it being on the site because we don't want to give people any extra reasons to hassle us legally.
  12. He re-added the links even though they were edited out by a mod.
  13. Texmaster suddenly stopped working, it was working fine until yesterday and now it doesn't work anymore, it just flashes shortly and then nothing.

    Windows Vista Ultimate x64.
  14. I`m so sorry men, I was explained by an mod and I understand...
    You are right.
    Again I`m so so sorry, I really do :S
  15. Excuse me people. I have some doubt about the recording function...
    I got de Beta 2 version, I press F6, I select a replay and there are 3 options:

    -Play 1P side
    -Play 2P side
    -Avi File (only Windows)

    I wanna record some of mine gameplays, so I select Avi file (only Windows) but nothing happens, it should open a little window with recording options but I see my gameplay normally as if I selected Play 1P side...
    Why does happen this? It`s just because is a Beta version?

    With Patch 1 Version this option worked fine.

    I wait for your answers.

    Regards .
  16. Recording is indeed broken in the beta version. It's the main reason I still play 2009 Patch 1.
  17. I think the .sav files are still compatible between Patch 1 and Patch 2, though, so you could try copying the .sav over to Patch 1 to use its AVI Record function.
  18. Ai


    That's right. You can use the Beta 2 save file in Beta 1 where the record feature still works. Medals won't be shown in Beta 1 though.
  19. Yes, a mod adviced me the same things... I did it, and yes it works...
    Thank you guys :D
  20. I'm an idiot: people, turn off data execution prevention in the control panel.

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