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  1. Could anyone mirror the resource files please? Sendspace is heavily trafficed atm :/
  2. All I get is the menu screen.

    It says press any key, and I tried every key on my keyboard and it still does not work.
  3. Any key means any of the configured keys in the ini file. Just open the ini file and select and of the predetermined configs and then push any of the rotation buttons and it'll work.
  4. Worked, I meant to edit my post.
  5. cdsboy

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    Hey report! Just thought i'd let you know that i really like your game! However, the biggest turn off for me is the inability to configure the keys. Even being able to edit them in the ini file would be wonderful.
  6. You can.
  7. Altimor

    Altimor a.k.a. Ghett0

    No you can't. It doesn't do a thing. I tried.
  8. cdsboy

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    No, no you can't.
  9. Hm, I guess its a thing only my computer can do then.

    Because I did.
  10. cdsboy

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    well then show me how, and i will admit i was wrong.
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    why wouldn't super joe have a super computer?
  12. All I did was change it in the ini and it worked.
  13. You can probably change the joystick button assignments, but the keyboard controls are listed in comments -- there's no way that changing them will have any effect.
  14. I love this game already. Texmaster is way better than Heboris or Lockjaw!

    As for the people claiming that you cant change the keys, you can. Just use an hex editor if the predefined key setups dont suit you.

    I did this and the game now uses my preferred keys ASDW, KL.
  15. Report

    Report Texmaster developer

  16. File/hex offsets please? [​IMG]

    @All, Anyhow, here is my heavily commented "Texmaster2008.ini" file (note that I'm still using version 2008, dunno about 2009):

    ;Alphanumeric characters (maximum 9)
    player1_name = WEEDS
    player2_name = PLAYER 2
    ; Aspect ratio 4:3
    ; Type 0 = Windowed mode
    ; Type 1 = Fullscreen mode
    width = 640
    height = 480
    type = 1
    offset = 0
    ;     Up Down Left Right A  B  C  D
    ; Type 0 = S  X   Z   C   B  N  M  Spacebar
    ; Type 1 = S  X   Z   C   M  ;  .  Spacebar
    ; Type 2 = Up Down Left Right KP1 KP2 KP3 KP0
    ; Type 3 = Up Down Left Right Z  X  C  V
    ; Type 5 = Disabled
    key_type_pl1 = 3
    key_type_pl2 = 5
    player1_keyA = 0
    player1_keyB = 1
    player1_keyC = 2
    player1_keyD = 3
    player2_keyA = 0
    player2_keyB = 1
    player2_keyC = 2
    player2_keyD = 3
    ;Report setting
    ;player1_keyA = 0
    ;player1_keyB = 7
    ;player1_keyC = 1
    ;player1_keyD = 4
    ;Trio setting
    ;player1_keyA = 3
    ;player1_keyB = 6
    ;player1_keyC = 1
    ;player1_keyD = 2
    ; Background brightness
    ; 0 = Light
    ; 7 = Dark
    bg_brightness = 7
    mode1 = NOVICE
    mode2 = NORMAL
    mode3 = ADVANCE
    mode4 = SPECIAL
    mode5 = SUDDEN
    mode6 = DOUBLES
    mode7 = SHIZUKU
    sound_buffer = 1024
    samplerate = 44100
    <AFAIK> The keyboard "types" listed above are the only ones that you can choose from.

    BTW, here are all of the hard-coded keyboard (function keys) commands for the game:

    F1 = Player 1 maximum speed, fast-forward replay
    F2 = Player 2 maximum speed, fast-forward replay
    F4 = Stop AVI format video recording
    F5 = Start AVI format video recording
    F6 = Replay menu
    F7 = Background music test menu
    F8 = Toggle single-player middle pit/single-player left pit/multi-player pits
    F9 = Debug information
    F11 = Restart player 1 game
    F12 = Restart player 2 game
  17. Ever consider releasing the source?
  18. report: will you add online play to texmaster?


    thank you for a great game [​IMG]

  19. You left out my favorite one, F3.

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