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Thread in 'Hardware' started by PNGI, 16 May 2009.

  1. PNGI

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    I have an X-arcade controller I've been dying to use with texmaster, is there any way I can modify the control setup? (not just change control type, change buttons around completely)
  2. Assuming your x-arcade is detected as a game controller, you can change the settings in texmaster.ini. It's under [JOYSTICK]. Remember that Windows starts at button 1 but texmaster starts at button 0, so you'll need to subtract 1 from what windows tells you each button is.
  3. You'll have to configure Texmaster for keyboard inputs, because the X-Arcade is a very large keyboard when using the PC/Mac connector. I assume that you have the button layout as the default, like this. If you poke around the included documentation (starting with index.html in the same folder as Texmaster2009.exe) you'll find information on how to configure the keys in Texmaster2009.ini.
  4. K


    So if you are searching for a screen key config option in texmaster there is not. Did you checked the texmaster.ini file ??
    ;     up   down  left  right A   B   C   D
    ; type 0  s   x   z   c   b   n   m   SPACE
    ; type 1  s   x   z   c   m   ;   .   SPACE
    ; type 2  up   down  left  right KP_num1 KP_num2 KP_num3 KP_num0
    ; type 3  up   down  left  right z   x   c   v
    ; type 5  config "key_type5_*****" Refer to "key.html"
    ; type 6  config "key_type6_*****" Refer to "key.html"
    ; type 7  disable
    ; type 4  debug
    key_type_pl1 = 5
    key_type_pl2 = 2
    ; my x-arcade;
    key_type5_up = 273
    key_type5_down = 274
    key_type5_left = 276
    key_type5_right = 275
    key_type5_a = 114
    key_type5_b = 116
    key_type5_c = 121
    key_type5_d = 120
    assuming you know how to configurate your x-arcade, you technically don't need to open this file, or at least to know the key correspondance.
    however, if you want to map the texmaster keyconfig to your x-arcade existing keymap :
    1) key_type_pl1 = 5
    2) key_type_pl2 = 6
    3) key_type5_up = use the key.html file to check wich key you want to assign here
    4) etc...
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    I suggest not using an X-Arcade, as it's an 8 way stick, with no real way to make it a true 4 way easily.

    You can reprogram the X-arcade, by using the program button on the back and an attached keyboard. You can store up to 3 or 4 (i forget) additional layouts, and the default one willlalways be available on switch position 1.
  6. PNGI

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    Ok cool, thanks for all the help.
  7. m:)

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    how hard would it be to put a sanwa in there?
  8. PNGI

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    Got the controller working. It works very well with the game. I'd suggest it to anyone who has the controller

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