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  1. Hi There,

    I'm new to this forum and also new to playing Tetris.
    I've recently build an Bartop arcade machine and to be honest I only play TAP and have set my Sanwa Joystick to 4-way because of it :) . If I knew I would play Tetris this much on the bartop i'd probably choose a different theme ;).


    Sadly Ti doesn't work on the machine, it just crashes on boot I guess because of the Intel 4000 graphics card that probably isn't supported. So I want to play Texmaster because of that.

    Now I saw this youtube video:

    And this guy has the TGM sounds, music and cool backgrounds which I would also like but can't seem to find a thing about it. I'm not sure if it's allowed to ask these things but can someone help me in the right direction?

    Best Regards,
  2. DeHackEd

    DeHackEd green Gm

    Officially we can't give those to other people because they're copyrighted material from Arika.

    Unofficially it's pretty easy to rip audio out of a TGM game by using the sound test feature and capturing the output.
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  3. Some of the graphics (Like Medals and current grade) are taken from another Texmaster "modpack", called "Termino Velocity". You can find it on here by doing a bit of searching.

    And also, once you have your Audio from the TGM games, please be sure to get "Texmaster2009-2" and use the adpcm_encoder included with it, as it's the least headache-inducing way to get custom sounds working in Texmaster. Be sure to have your source files as perfectly looping .wav files.
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  4. Thanks guys! Will look into that :).
  5. It worked out the way I liked, took some time but its great now :).
    Another question I have, not theme related is; is there a way to show the framerate of the game?

    Sometimes when de clear line effect is on screen it feels like some frames drop, but i'm not sure and want to check that.
  6. Muf


    Are you using a 486?
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  7. I know it's strange, but it does feel like it.
    There is an Intel NUC 3217IYE in my arcade cabinet which has an Intel i3 3217u as a processor.


    I've tried it on my desktop which has a intel i5 6600K and it plays the same on that one. I guess it's just normal.

    Thanks everyone!
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  8. I've been kind of thrown off by Texmaster's line clear effect as well lately. I'm not sure if it's frame drop, or if the transition out of the particle effect is really abrupt or something.
  9. Is it possible to change background when swapping between the different modes? I currently only see an option for one background used in all modes.
  10. Sadly not, all modes use the same 10 or so backgrounds.
  11. You are not cookiebisquit on Youtube, are you?
    I recieved comments asking about my custom version and now I saw this thread xD
  12. Lol, i'm him ():). Thought what do I have to lose, didnt expect you to respond so started this topic and it worked out eventually :biggrin:.
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  13. Hahaha! I sent you a privated message on Youtube, did you check it out?
  14. LOL!! As it turns out youtube didn't notify me I've got an private message and I didn't look in the right place apperently to check it manually xD.

    Thanks alot for the message!

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