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Thread in 'Competition' started by Altimor, 25 Feb 2008.

  1. Altimor

    Altimor a.k.a. Ghett0

    Created this thread because I'm on a pwnage streak.

    2.Ghett0 -- S5 -- 521 -- 5:25
    2.Caithness -- S5 -- 610 -- 6:11
    1.kotetsu213 -- S8 -- 662
    Grade 1 by 326 ROFL.


    I realized there was no tiebreaker, so the new tiebreaker is who gets the grade first.
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  2. Oh, I am so in on this.

  3. edit: Hold it

  4. How do you get that debrief screen?
  5. Altimor

    Altimor a.k.a. Ghett0

    I don't think he's using 09.
  6. Altimor

    Altimor a.k.a. Ghett0

    Is there a way to configure keys?
  7. yes and no

    Yes: you can pick from 4 different presets

    No: you can't change the presets

    change "key_type_pl1" in the .ini
  8. Altimor

    Altimor a.k.a. Ghett0

    Aha Caithness! I just got an S5, so we're tied! Better defend your record!

    BTW, did you get the S5 at level 468?
  9. cdsboy

    cdsboy Unregistered

    Real Order.

    1. kotestsu213 -- S8 -- 622 -- 4:31:15
    2. Caithness ---- S5 -- 610 -- 6:11:91
    3. Cdsboy ------- S5 -- 572 -- 4:52:10
    4. Ghett0 ------- S5 -- 521 -- 5:25
    Yah... hate too break it to you Ghett0... But your in 3rd. not tied with Caithness. Hes a good 90 levels ahead of you.



    DIGITAL Unregistered

    This is only possible if mastering time is present. The total game time itself should not be prioritized over levels. By doing so, it would be advantageous for players to just suicide right after they attain a new grade in order to get low times.
  11. tepples

    tepples Lockjaw developer

    Or if a date stamp is present.
  12. Altimor

    Altimor a.k.a. Ghett0

    Time isn't coming into effect as a tiebreaker. Who ever gets the grade first gets it. And by the way, you can watch a replay by pressing F6 to be sure.
  13. I wonder if this thread will be mysteriously deleted. If that happens, then some other responsible, mature TC member (cough digital, kotetsu, cdsboy, caithness, anyone else, cough) will just have to become the author. [​IMG]
  14. cdsboy

    cdsboy Unregistered

    If said thing happened i would gladly father a new (maybe more organized) thread.

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